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Academic Article Randomized clinical trial of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) versus acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for mixed anxiety disorders.
Academic Article Longitudinal treatment mediation of traditional cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy for anxiety disorders.
Academic Article Moderators and non-specific predictors of treatment outcome for anxiety disorders: a comparison of cognitive behavioral therapy to acceptance and commitment therapy.
Academic Article Heart rate and heart rate variability in panic, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and generalized anxiety disorders at baseline and in response to relaxation and hyperventilation.
Academic Article Implications of naturalistic use of pharmacotherapy in CBT treatment for panic disorder.
Academic Article First-line treatment: a critical appraisal of cognitive behavioral therapy developments and alternatives.
Academic Article Are exposure-based cognitive behavioral therapies safe during pregnancy?
Academic Article Randomized clinical trial of adapted mindfulness-based stress reduction versus group cognitive behavioral therapy for heterogeneous anxiety disorders.
Concept Relaxation Therapy
Concept Treatment Outcome
Concept Combined Modality Therapy
Concept Behavior Therapy
Concept Mind-Body Therapies
Concept Treatment Refusal
Concept Implosive Therapy
Academic Article Which treatment worked better for whom? Moderators of group cognitive behavioral therapy versus adapted mindfulness based stress reduction for anxiety disorders.
Academic Article Cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy for anxiety: treatment preferences and credibility among pregnant and non-pregnant women.
Academic Article Cognitive mediators of treatment for social anxiety disorder: comparing acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Academic Article Randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy for social phobia: outcomes and moderators.
Academic Article Physiological and behavioral indices of emotion dysregulation as predictors of outcome from cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy for anxiety.
Academic Article Letter to the editor: potential treatment targets for misophonia.
Academic Article The state of personalized treatment for anxiety disorders: A systematic review of treatment moderators.
Academic Article Has evidence-based psychosocial treatment for anxiety disorders permeated usual care in community mental health settings?
Academic Article The credibility of exposure therapy: Does the theoretical rationale matter?
Academic Article An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) group intervention for cancer survivors experiencing anxiety at re-entry.
Academic Article Considering Meta-Analysis, Meaning, and Metaphor: A Systematic Review and Critical Examination of "Third Wave" Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies.
Academic Article Applying a novel statistical method to advance the personalized treatment of anxiety disorders: A composite moderator of comparative drop-out from CBT and ACT.
Academic Article Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: A Transdiagnostic Behavioral Intervention for Mental Health and Medical Conditions.
Academic Article Stakeholder Perceptions of the Barriers to Receiving and Delivering Exposure-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders in Adult Community Mental Health Settings.
Academic Article A Preliminary Exploration of the Barriers to Delivering (and Receiving) Exposure-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders in Adult Community Mental Health Settings.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial of a group acceptance-based intervention for cancer survivors experiencing anxiety at re-entry ('Valued Living'): study protocol.
Grant A Novel Values-based Intervention to Increase Endocrine Therapy Adherence among Breast Cancer Survivors
Academic Article Examining the "usual" in usual care: a critical review and recommendations for usual care conditions in psycho-oncology.
Concept Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Academic Article Acceptability, Feasibility, and Efficacy Potential of a Multimodal Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention to Address Psychosocial and Advance Care Planning Needs among Anxious and Depressed Adults with Metastatic Cancer.
Academic Article Treating Anxiety During Pregnancy: Patient Concerns About Pharmaceutical Treatment.
Grant Randomized clinical trial of a multi-modal palliative care intervention
Academic Article Lived experiences of women reporting fatigue during PARP inhibitor maintenance treatment for advanced ovarian cancer: A qualitative study.
Academic Article The Questionnaire on Self-Transcendence (QUEST): A Measure of Trait Self-Transcendence Informed by Contextual Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.
Academic Article Randomized trial of acceptance and commitment therapy for anxious cancer survivors in community clinics: Outcomes and moderators.
Academic Article A Randomized Trial of Brief Online Interventions to Facilitate Treatment Seeking for Social Anxiety.
Academic Article Is acceptance and commitment therapy effective in addressing critical outcomes associated with cancer survivorship?
Academic Article Evaluating the efficacy of common humanity-enhanced exposure for socially anxious young adults.
Academic Article Examining the effects of prior Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) treatment among anxious cancer survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial of a Low-Touch Remotely-Delivered Values Intervention to Promote Adherence to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Among Breast Cancer Survivors.
Academic Article Intervention and mediation effects of target processes in a randomized controlled trial of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for anxious cancer survivors in community oncology clinics.
Academic Article A mixed-methods study of the technical feasibility and patient acceptability of a real-time adherence monitor in breast cancer survivors taking adjuvant endocrine therapy.
Academic Article Network intervention analysis of anxiety-related outcomes and processes of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for anxious cancer survivors.
Academic Article A pilot randomized study of a telephone-based cognitive-behavioral stress-management intervention to reduce distress in phase 1 oncology trial caregivers.
Academic Article Comparison of ceftibuten vs. amoxicillin/clavulanic acid as antibiotic prophylaxis in cholecystectomy and/or biliary tract surgery.
Academic Article Telemedicine-based inspiratory muscle training and walking promotion with lung cancer survivors following curative intent therapy: a parallel-group pilot randomized trial.
Academic Article A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Interventions to Promote Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Adherence Among Breast Cancer Survivors.
Academic Article Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Processes and Mediation: Challenges and How to Address Them.
Academic Article Values- versus monetary reward-enhanced exposure therapy for the treatment of social anxiety in emerging adulthood.

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