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Academic Article Suicidal behavior and firearm access: results from the second injury control and risk survey.
Academic Article Elevated suicide rates at high altitude: sociodemographic and health issues may be to blame.
Academic Article Lethal means restriction for suicide prevention: beliefs and behaviors of emergency department providers.
Academic Article Suicides in urban and rural counties in the United States, 2006-2008.
Academic Article Change in emergency department providers' beliefs and practices after use of new protocols for suicidal patients.
Academic Article Physician Counseling on Firearm Safety: A New Kind of Cultural Competence.
Academic Article Older Adult Openness to Physician Questioning About Firearms.
Academic Article Frozen Funding on Firearm Research: "Doing Nothing Is No Longer an Acceptable Solution".
Academic Article Yes, You Can: Physicians, Patients, and Firearms.
Academic Article Public Opinion Regarding Whether Speaking With Patients About Firearms Is Appropriate: Results of a National Survey.
Academic Article Temporary Transfer of Firearms From the Home to Prevent Suicide: Legal Obstacles and Recommendations.
Academic Article A Consensus-Driven Agenda for Emergency Medicine Firearm Injury Prevention Research.
Academic Article Physicians, Patients, and Firearms.
Academic Article Physicians, Patients, and Firearms: The Courts Say "Yes".
Academic Article Loaded Questions: Internet Commenters' Opinions on Physician-Patient Firearm Safety Conversations.
Academic Article Law Enforcement and Gun Retailers as Partners for Safely Storing Guns to Prevent Suicide: A Study in 8 Mountain West States.
Grant A Patient Decision Aid to Augment Lethal Means Counseling for Suicidal Patients
Academic Article Firearms and Suicide: Finding the Right Words.
Academic Article Frequency of lethal means assessment among emergency department patients with a positive suicide risk screen.
Academic Article Hospital Emergency Department Lethal Means Counseling for Suicidal Patients.
Academic Article How Should Physicians Make Decisions about Mandatory Reporting When a Patient Might Become Violent?
Academic Article Gun retailers as storage partners for suicide prevention: what barriers need to be overcome?
Academic Article Firearms and Dementia: Clinical Considerations.
Academic Article Points of Influence for Lethal Means Counseling and Safe Gun Storage Practices.
Academic Article 'Lock to Live': development of a firearm storage decision aid to enhance lethal means counselling and prevent suicide.
Academic Article Firearms and Dementia.
Academic Article #ThisIsOurLane - Firearm Safety as Health Care's Highway.
Academic Article Law Enforcement Agencies' Perceptions of the Benefits of and Barriers to Temporary Firearm Storage to Prevent Suicide.
Academic Article Emergency Physicians and Firearms: Effects of Hands-on Training.
Academic Article "Hey, let me hold your guns for a while": A qualitative study of messaging for firearm suicide prevention.
Academic Article Gun Retailers' Willingness to Provide Gun Storage for Suicide Prevention.
Academic Article Proceedings from the Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention: A Public Health Approach to Reduce Death and Disability in the US.
Academic Article Dementia and Firearms: an Exploratory Survey of Caregiver Needs.
Academic Article Violence In Older Adults: Scope, Impact, Challenges, And Strategies For Prevention.
Academic Article Firearm Storage Maps: A Pragmatic Approach to Reduce Firearm Suicide During Times of Risk.
Academic Article 'Gun shop projects' for suicide prevention in the USA: current state and future directions.
Academic Article Changes in Firearm and Medication Storage Practices in Homes of Youths at Risk for Suicide: Results of the SAFETY Study, a Clustered, Emergency Department-Based, Multisite, Stepped-Wedge Trial.
Academic Article Firearms, pesticides, and suicide: A look back for a way forward.
Academic Article Lethal Means Assessment and Counseling in the Emergency Department: Differences by Provider Type and Personal Home Firearms.
Academic Article "Safety in Dementia": Development of an Online Caregiver Tool for Firearm, Driving, and Home Safety.
Academic Article Views on Firearm Safety Among Caregivers of People With Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias.
Academic Article Older Firearm Owners and Advance Planning: Results of a National Survey.
Academic Article "Firearm access in dementia: legal and logistic challenges for caregivers".
Academic Article Lethal means counseling for suicide prevention: Views of emergency department clinicians.
Academic Article Lethal Means Counseling for Suicidal Adults in the Emergency Department: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Consensus-Driven Priorities for Firearm Injury Education Among Medical Professionals.
Academic Article Divergent and Unified: A Path Forward for Firearm Injury Prevention.
Academic Article Firearm access and dementia: A qualitative study of reported behavioral disturbances and responses.
Grant Safety in Dementia: An Online Caregiver Intervention.
Academic Article Firearm Suicide Among Persons With Terminal Illness.
Academic Article Talking About "Firearm Injury" and "Gun Violence": Words Matter.
Academic Article Patient-Reported Firearm Access Prior to Suicide Death.

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