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Academic Article The host complement system and arbovirus pathogenesis.
Academic Article Complement receptor 3 promotes severe ross river virus-induced disease.
Academic Article Mannose binding lectin is required for alphavirus-induced arthritis/myositis.
Academic Article Genetic ablation of arginase 1 in macrophages and neutrophils enhances clearance of an arthritogenic alphavirus.
Academic Article A tyrosine-to-histidine switch at position 18 of the Ross River virus E2 glycoprotein is a determinant of virus fitness in disparate hosts.
Academic Article Characterization of Ross River virus tropism and virus-induced inflammation in a mouse model of viral arthritis and myositis.
Academic Article Complement contributes to inflammatory tissue destruction in a mouse model of Ross River virus-induced disease.
Academic Article Modulation of type I IFN induction by a virulence determinant within the alphavirus nsP1 protein.
Academic Article Mutations in nsP1 and PE2 are critical determinants of Ross River virus-induced musculoskeletal inflammatory disease in a mouse model.
Academic Article A mouse model of chikungunya virus-induced musculoskeletal inflammatory disease: evidence of arthritis, tenosynovitis, myositis, and persistence.
Academic Article Dephosphorylation of HuR protein during alphavirus infection is associated with HuR relocalization to the cytoplasm.
Concept Alphavirus Infections
Academic Article Chronic joint disease caused by persistent Chikungunya virus infection is controlled by the adaptive immune response.
Academic Article A single-amino-acid polymorphism in Chikungunya virus E2 glycoprotein influences glycosaminoglycan utilization.
Academic Article Attenuating mutations in nsP1 reveal tissue-specific mechanisms for control of Ross River virus infection.
Academic Article Chikungunya viruses that escape monoclonal antibody therapy are clinically attenuated, stable, and not purified in mosquitoes.
Academic Article Essential role for the lectin pathway in collagen antibody-induced arthritis revealed through use of adenovirus programming complement inhibitor MAp44 expression.
Academic Article CD8+ T cells control Ross River virus infection in musculoskeletal tissues of infected mice.
Academic Article Noncapped Alphavirus Genomic RNAs and Their Role during Infection.
Academic Article Myeloid Cell Arg1 Inhibits Control of Arthritogenic Alphavirus Infection by Suppressing Antiviral T Cells.
Grant Mechanisms of immune suppression during arthritogenic alphavirus infections
Academic Article Inflammatory monocytes mediate control of acute alphavirus infection in mice.
Academic Article Innate immune control of alphavirus infection.
Academic Article Ross River virus envelope glycans contribute to disease through activation of the host complement system.
Academic Article Src Family Kinase Inhibitors Block Translation of Alphavirus Subgenomic mRNAs.
Academic Article Discrete viral E2 lysine residues and scavenger receptor MARCO are required for clearance of circulating alphaviruses.
Academic Article Human monoclonal antibodies against Ross River virus target epitopes within the E2 protein and protect against disease.
Academic Article Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Mediate Control of Ross River Virus Infection via a Type I Interferon-Dependent, MAVS-Independent Mechanism.
Academic Article MARCO+ lymphatic endothelial cells sequester arthritogenic alphaviruses to limit viremia and viral dissemination.
Academic Article Animal models of alphavirus infection and human disease.

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