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Academic Article Chemosensory transduction mechanisms in taste.
Academic Article Physiological basis of a steady endogenous current in rat lumbrical muscle.
Academic Article Responses to glutamate in rat taste cells.
Academic Article Role of apical ion channels in sour taste transduction.
Academic Article Development of voltage-dependent currents in taste receptor cells.
Academic Article Acid-activated cation currents in rat vallate taste receptor cells.
Academic Article Making sense with TRP channels: store-operated calcium entry and the ion channel Trpm5 in taste receptor cells.
Academic Article A steady electric current at the rat neuromuscular synapse.
Academic Article Apical localization of K+ channels in taste cells provides the basis for sour taste transduction.
Academic Article Electrophysiological characterization of voltage-gated currents in defined taste cell types of mice.
Academic Article Mechanisms of taste transduction.
Academic Article Development of membrane properties in taste cells of fungiform papillae: functional evidence for early presence of amiloride-sensitive sodium channels.
Academic Article Amiloride-sensitive channels in type I fungiform taste cells in mouse.
Academic Article Why do taste cells generate action potentials?
Academic Article Passive and active membrane properties of mudpuppy taste receptor cells.
Academic Article Membrane properties of isolated mudpuppy taste cells.
Concept Ion Channel Gating
Concept Ion Channels
Academic Article The K+ channel KIR2.1 functions in tandem with proton influx to mediate sour taste transduction.
Grant Electrophysiological basis of sour taste transduction

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