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Academic Article Dynamic BDNF activity in nucleus accumbens with cocaine use increases self-administration and relapse.
Academic Article Renewed cocaine exposure produces transient alterations in nucleus accumbens AMPA receptor-mediated behavior.
Academic Article Adenosine A2A receptors in the nucleus accumbens bi-directionally alter cocaine seeking in rats.
Academic Article Stimulation of adenosine receptors in the nucleus accumbens reverses the expression of cocaine sensitization and cross-sensitization to dopamine D2 receptors in rats.
Academic Article Opioid activation of toll-like receptor 4 contributes to drug reinforcement.
Academic Article Effects of intra-nucleus accumbens shell administration of dopamine agonists and antagonists on cocaine-taking and cocaine-seeking behaviors in the rat.
Academic Article Role of GluR1 expression in nucleus accumbens neurons in cocaine sensitization and cocaine-seeking behavior.
Academic Article Tropomyosin-related kinase B in the mesolimbic dopamine system: region-specific effects on cocaine reward.
Academic Article Emergence of context-associated GluR(1) and ERK phosphorylation in the nucleus accumbens core during withdrawal from cocaine self-administration.
Concept Nucleus Accumbens
Academic Article Adenosine A1 and dopamine d1 receptor regulation of AMPA receptor phosphorylation and cocaine-seeking behavior.
Academic Article Role of adenosine receptor subtypes in methamphetamine reward and reinforcement.
Academic Article Effects of adolescent caffeine consumption on cocaine sensitivity.
Grant Effects of Adenosine Signaling on Cocaine Reward and Relapse
Grant Dopamine receptor interactions with GluR1 in addiction
Grant Adenosine Receptor Involvement in Methamphetamine Reward and Relapse
Grant Monitoring real-time adenosine release in the NAc with fast-scan cyclic voltammetry
Academic Article Methamphetamine Activates Toll-Like Receptor 4 to Induce Central Immune Signaling within the Ventral Tegmental Area and Contributes to Extracellular Dopamine Increase in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell.
Academic Article Viral-mediated expression of Erk2 in the nucleus accumbens regulates responses to rewarding and aversive stimuli.

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