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Academic Article Hyperuricemia, hypertension, and proteinuria associated with high-altitude polycythemia.
Academic Article Hyperuricemia induces a primary renal arteriolopathy in rats by a blood pressure-independent mechanism.
Academic Article Mild hyperuricemia induces glomerular hypertension in normal rats.
Academic Article A role for uric acid in the progression of renal disease.
Academic Article Hypertension: a microvascular and tubulointerstitial disease.
Academic Article The role of immune cells infiltrating the kidney in the pathogenesis of salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article Uric acid, hominoid evolution, and the pathogenesis of salt-sensitivity.
Academic Article Microvascular and tubulointerstitial injury associated with chronic hypoxia-induced hypertension.
Academic Article A single pathway for the development of essential hypertension.
Academic Article Uric acid stimulates monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 production in vascular smooth muscle cells via mitogen-activated protein kinase and cyclooxygenase-2.
Academic Article Editorial comment--Elevated uric acid and ischemic stroke: accumulating evidence that it is injurious and not neuroprotective.
Academic Article Apoptosis and NFkappaB activation are simultaneously induced in renal tubulointerstitium in experimental hypertension.
Academic Article Oxidative stress, renal infiltration of immune cells, and salt-sensitive hypertension: all for one and one for all.
Academic Article Increased oxidative stress following acute and chronic high altitude exposure.
Academic Article Mild hyperuricemia induces vasoconstriction and maintains glomerular hypertension in normal and remnant kidney rats.
Academic Article Hypothesis: Uric acid, nephron number, and the pathogenesis of essential hypertension.
Academic Article Subtle renal injury is likely a common mechanism for salt-sensitive essential hypertension.
Academic Article Uric acid, evolution and primitive cultures.
Academic Article Role of inflammatory cells in the kidney in the induction and maintenance of hypertension.
Academic Article Uric acid and hypertension.
Academic Article Serum uric acid: a risk factor and a target for treatment?
Academic Article Angiotensin II, interstitial inflammation, and the pathogenesis of salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article Fructose-induced metabolic syndrome is associated with glomerular hypertension and renal microvascular damage in rats.
Academic Article Vascular endothelial growth factor administration does not improve microvascular disease in the salt-dependent phase of post-angiotensin II hypertension.
Academic Article Endothelial dysfunction: a link among preeclampsia, recurrent pregnancy loss, and future cardiovascular events?
Academic Article Role of uric acid in hypertension, renal disease, and metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Effects of acute and chronic L-arginine treatment in experimental hyperuricemia.
Academic Article The role of uric acid in pediatric hypertension.
Academic Article Renal angiotensin II concentration and interstitial infiltration of immune cells are correlated with blood pressure levels in salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article Pathophysiological mechanisms of salt-dependent hypertension.
Academic Article Potential role of sugar (fructose) in the epidemic of hypertension, obesity and the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article Pathophysiology of salt-sensitive hypertension: a new scope of an old problem.
Academic Article Pathogenesis of essential hypertension: historical paradigms and modern insights.
Academic Article Treatment with pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate improves proteinuria, oxidative stress, and glomerular hypertension in overload proteinuria.
Academic Article Hypertension: New treatment target for systolic blood pressure?
Academic Article Prevalence and risk factors of chronic kidney disease: a population study in the Tibetan population.
Academic Article Low-fructose diet lowers blood pressure and inflammation in patients with chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Uric acid: a clinically useful marker to distinguish preeclampsia from gestational hypertension.
Academic Article Reduction of renal immune cell infiltration results in blood pressure control in genetically hypertensive rats.
Academic Article Subtle acquired renal injury as a mechanism of salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article The role of T cells in the pathogenesis of primary hypertension.
Academic Article Immune reactivity to heat shock protein 70 expressed in the kidney is cause of salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article High prevalence and associated risk factors for impaired renal function and urinary abnormalities in a rural adult population from southern China.
Academic Article What are the key arguments against uric acid as a true risk factor for hypertension?
Academic Article Synergistic effect of uricase blockade plus physiological amounts of fructose-glucose on glomerular hypertension and oxidative stress in rats.
Academic Article Uric acid and the origins of hypertension.
Academic Article Endothelin a receptor blockade and endothelin B receptor blockade improve hypokalemic nephropathy by different mechanisms.
Academic Article Hyperuricemia in childhood primary hypertension.
Academic Article Hypertension in the hemodialysis patient and the "lag phenomenon": insights into pathophysiology and clinical management.
Academic Article Resurrection of uric acid as a causal risk factor in essential hypertension.
Academic Article Molecular physiology of urate transport.
Academic Article A unifying pathway for essential hypertension.
Academic Article Essential hypertension, progressive renal disease, and uric acid: a pathogenetic link?
Academic Article Nephron number, uric acid, and renal microvascular disease in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension.
Academic Article Is there a pathogenetic role for uric acid in hypertension and cardiovascular and renal disease?
Academic Article How does angiotensin II cause renal injury?
Academic Article Hemodynamics of hyperuricemia.
Academic Article Uric acid, microalbuminuria and cardiovascular events in high-risk patients.
Academic Article Hypertension during pregnancy: a disorder begging for pathophysiological support.
Academic Article Uric acid--a uremic toxin?
Academic Article Lead, at low levels, accelerates arteriolopathy and tubulointerstitial injury in chronic kidney disease.
Academic Article Treatment with the xanthine oxidase inhibitor febuxostat lowers uric acid and alleviates systemic and glomerular hypertension in experimental hyperuricaemia.
Academic Article The conundrum of hyperuricemia, metabolic syndrome, and renal disease.
Academic Article Effect of allopurinol on blood pressure of adolescents with newly diagnosed essential hypertension: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Uric acid and cardiovascular risk.
Academic Article Thiazide diuretics exacerbate fructose-induced metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Uric acid and hypertension: cause or effect?
Academic Article Do thiazides worsen metabolic syndrome and renal disease? The pivotal roles for hyperuricemia and hypokalemia.
Academic Article Role of oxidative stress in the renal abnormalities induced by experimental hyperuricemia.
Academic Article The role of renal microvascular disease and interstitial inflammation in salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article Inflammation, angiotensin II, and hypertension.
Academic Article Experimental induction of salt-sensitive hypertension is associated with lymphocyte proliferative response to HSP70.
Academic Article Could uric acid be a modifiable risk factor in subjects with pulmonary hypertension?
Academic Article Increased fructose associates with elevated blood pressure.
Academic Article Hypertension: Is there a dark side to thiazide therapy for hypertension?
Academic Article Dietary fructose and hypertension.
Academic Article The effect of fructose on renal biology and disease.
Academic Article Renal inflammation, autoimmunity and salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article Serum uric acid independently predicts cardiovascular events in advanced nephropathy.
Academic Article Impaired pressure natriuresis is associated with interstitial inflammation in salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article Serum uric acid, inflammation, and nondipping circadian pattern in essential hypertension.
Academic Article Impaired pressure natriuresis resulting in salt-sensitive hypertension is caused by tubulointerstitial immune cell infiltration in the kidney.
Academic Article REPLY TO: Serum uric acid still carries controversies about its role in endothelial dysfunction.
Academic Article Fructose likely does have a role in hypertension.
Academic Article Urate transporter gene SLC22A12 polymorphisms associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome in Caucasians with hypertension.
Academic Article Impact of genetic polymorphisms of SLC2A2, SLC2A5, and KHK on metabolic phenotypes in hypertensive individuals.
Concept Hypertension
Concept Hypertension, Pulmonary
Concept Hypertension, Renovascular
Concept Hypertension, Renal
Concept Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced
Academic Article Hypertension, nitrate-nitrite, and xanthine oxidoreductase catalyzed nitric oxide generation: pros and cons.
Academic Article Autoimmunity in the pathogenesis of hypertension.
Academic Article Evolving importance of kidney disease: from subspecialty to global health burden.
Academic Article Uric acid level and erectile dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease.
Academic Article Serum uric acid and hypertension in adults: a paradoxical relationship in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Hyperosmolarity drives hypertension and CKD--water and salt revisited.
Academic Article Relationship between elevated morning blood pressure surge, uric acid, and cardiovascular outcomes in hypertensive patients.
Academic Article New insights on the risk for cardiovascular disease in African Americans: the role of added sugars.
Academic Article The discovery of hypertension: evolving views on the role of the kidneys, and current hot topics.
Academic Article Renal oxidative stress induced by long-term hyperuricemia alters mitochondrial function and maintains systemic hypertension.
Academic Article The effect of the addition of allopurinol on blood pressure control in African Americans treated with a thiazide-like diuretic.
Academic Article Why focus on uric acid?
Academic Article Dietary salt loading impairs arterial vascular reactivity.
Academic Article Uric acid in metabolic syndrome: From an innocent bystander to a central player.
Academic Article Uric Acid and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy: A Potentially New Modifiable Target?
Academic Article The immunological basis of hypertension.
Academic Article Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia Without Comorbidities Predicts Cardiometabolic Diseases: Five-Year Japanese Cohort Study.
Grant Uric Acid and Hypertension in African-Americans
Grant Renal and Electrolyte Disease and Hypertension
Grant Development of inhibitors of AMP Deaminase Isoform 2 as a Mechanism for Treating
Grant Pre &Post-Doctoral Training in Nephrology &Hypertension
Grant Role of Uric Acid in Cardiovascular and Renal Disease
Grant Fructokinase and Nondiabetic and Aging-Associated Chronic Kidney Disease
Academic Article Role of the Immune System in Hypertension.
Academic Article "Metabolically Healthy" Obesity and Hyperuricemia Increase Risk for Hypertension and Diabetes: 5-year Japanese Cohort Study.
Academic Article Dietary Sodium Modifies Serum Uric Acid Concentrations in Humans.
Academic Article Uric Acid Is a Strong Risk Marker for Developing Hypertension From Prehypertension: A 5-Year Japanese Cohort Study.
Academic Article Hyperuricemia, Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease: Report of a Scientific Workshop Organized by the National Kidney Foundation.
Academic Article The role of autoimmune reactivity induced by heat shock protein 70 in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension.
Academic Article Rethinking progression of CKD as a process of punctuated equilibrium.
Academic Article Salt Intake and Immunity.
Academic Article Uric Acid as a Cause of the Metabolic Syndrome.
Academic Article Different Risk for Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Hyperuricemia According to Level of Body Mass Index in Japanese and American Subjects.
Academic Article Genetic Polymorphisms in Hypertension: Are We Missing the Immune Connection?
Academic Article Fasting blood glucose is predictive of hypertension in a general Japanese population.
Academic Article Multilayered Interplay Between Fructose and Salt in Development of Hypertension.
Concept Essential Hypertension
Academic Article Nephron number and primary hypertension.
Academic Article Pegloticase Treatment Significantly Decreases Blood Pressure in Patients With Chronic Gout.
Academic Article Longitudinal trends in renal function among first time sugarcane harvesters in Guatemala.
Academic Article Hyperosmolarity and Increased Serum Sodium Concentration Are Risks for Developing Hypertension Regardless of Salt Intake: A Five-Year Cohort Study in Japan.
Academic Article Uric Acid and Hypertension: An Update With Recommendations.
Academic Article Renal cortical vasoconstriction contributes to development of salt-sensitive hypertension after angiotensin II exposure.

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