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Academic Article Traumatic brain injury screening: preliminary findings in a US Army Brigade Combat Team.
Academic Article Traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress disorder, and postconcussive symptom reporting among troops returning from iraq.
Academic Article Neuropsychological test performance in soldiers with blast-related mild TBI.
Academic Article Self-report measures to identify post traumatic stress disorder and/or mild traumatic brain injury and associated symptoms in military veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).
Academic Article Facilitating treatment engagement during high-risk transition periods: a potential suicide prevention strategy.
Academic Article Postdeployment traumatic brain injury screening questions: Sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values in returning soldiers.
Concept Military Personnel
Academic Article Traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article Safety Planning for Military (SAFE MIL): rationale, design, and safety considerations of a randomized controlled trial to reduce suicide risk among psychiatric inpatients.
Academic Article Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on symptoms and quality of life among service members with persistent postconcussion symptoms: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article Factors associated with mild traumatic brain injury in veterans and military personnel: a systematic review.
Academic Article Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Persistent Postconcussion Symptoms--Reply.
Academic Article A Qualitative Study of Potential Suicide Risk Factors Among Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Soldiers Returning to the Continental United States (CONUS).
Academic Article Soldiers returning from deployment: A qualitative study regarding exposure, coping, and reintegration.
Academic Article Suicidal Ideation among Florida National Guard Members: Combat Deployment and Non-Deployment Risk and Protective Factors.
Academic Article Population mental health among U.S. military veterans: results of the Veterans Health Module of the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2011-2012.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans and Military Personnel: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Epidemiology and prognosis of mild traumatic brain injury in returning soldiers: A cohort study.
Grant Biological Signature and Safety of an Immunomodulatory Probiotic Intervention for Veterans with Co-Occuring Mild TBI and PTSD
Academic Article Growing literature but limited evidence: A systematic review regarding prebiotic and probiotic interventions for those with traumatic brain injury and/or posttraumatic stress disorder.
Grant Yoga-Based Treatment for Veterans with mTBI and Post-Concussive Headaches
Academic Article A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality versus Enhanced Care as Usual With Suicidal Soldiers.
Academic Article A Clinical Evidence-Based Approach to Examine the Effects of mTBI and PTSD Symptoms on ANAM Performance in Recently Deployed Active Duty Soldiers: Results From the Warrior Strong Study.
Academic Article Trajectory of Postconcussive Symptoms 12 Months After Deployment in Soldiers With and Without Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Warrior Strong Study.
Academic Article Military-Related Exposures, Social Determinants of Health, and Dysbiosis: The United States-Veteran Microbiome Project (US-VMP).
Academic Article Administrative Military Discharge and Suicidal Ideation Among Post-9/11 Veterans.
Academic Article Longitudinal homogenization of the microbiome between both occupants and the built environment in a cohort of United States Air Force Cadets.
Academic Article Characterization of lifetime TBIs in a cohort of recently deployed soldiers: The warrior strong study.
Academic Article Posttraumatic vs nontraumatic headaches: A phenotypic analysis in a military population.
Grant Facilitating Assessment of At-Risk Sailors with Technology (FAAST)
Academic Article Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Suicidal Ideation, and Suicidal Self-Directed Violence Among U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans: A Systematic Review of the Literature From 2010 to 2018.
Academic Article Headache complexity (number of symptom features) differentiates post-traumatic from non-traumatic headaches.
Academic Article Development and Validation of Computerized Adaptive Assessment Tools for the Measurement of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among US Military Veterans.
Academic Article A longitudinal analysis of the role of potentially morally injurious events on COVID-19-related psychosocial functioning among healthcare providers.
Academic Article Characterization of the gut microbiota among Veterans with unique military-related exposures and high prevalence of chronic health conditions: A United States-Veteran Microbiome Project (US-VMP) study.
Academic Article Validation of a Computerized Adaptive Test Suicide Scale (CAT-SS) among United States Military Veterans.
Academic Article A practical guide to random-effects Bayesian meta-analyses with application to the psychological trauma and suicide literature.
Academic Article Time-dependent suicide rates among Army soldiers returning from an Afghanistan/Iraq deployment, by military rank and component.
Academic Article Trends in suicide rates by race and ethnicity among members of the United States Army.
Academic Article Traumatic Brain Injury Classification Variability During the Afghanistan/Iraq Conflicts: Surveillance, Clinical, Research, and Policy Implications.
Academic Article Military Sexual Trauma Among Women Veterans Using Veterans Health Administration Reproductive Health Care: Screening Challenges and Associations with Post-Military Suicidal Ideation and Suicide Attempts.
Academic Article "Feel the need to prepare for Armageddon even though I do not believe it will happen": Women Veterans' Firearm Beliefs and Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Associations with Military Sexual Assault and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms.
Academic Article Racial and Ethnic Differences in Deaths by Suicide, Drug Overdose, and Opioid-Related Overdose in a National Sample of Military Members With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, 1999-2019.
Academic Article Publisher Correction to: Time-dependent suicide rates among Army soldiers returning from an Afghanistan/Iraq deployment, by military rank and component.
Academic Article Associations of Military-Related Traumatic Brain Injury With New-Onset Mental Health Conditions and Suicide Risk.
Academic Article Women Veterans' perspectives, experiences, and preferences for firearm lethal means counseling discussions.
Academic Article Divergent trends in accidental deaths since return from an Afghanistan/Iraq deployment among army soldiers.
Academic Article Association of Blast Exposure in Military Breaching with Intestinal Permeability Blood Biomarkers Associated with Leaky Gut.
Academic Article Study protocol: Identifying transcriptional regulatory alterations of chronic effects of blast and disturbed sleep in United States Veterans.

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