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Academic Article Change in breast self-examination behavior: effects of intervention on enhancing self-efficacy.
Academic Article The general self-efficacy scale: multicultural validation studies.
Academic Article Discontinuity patterns in stages of the precaution adoption process model: meat consumption during a livestock epidemic.
Academic Article Improving fruit and vegetable consumption: a self-efficacy intervention compared with a combined self-efficacy and planning intervention.
Academic Article Coping and quality of life after tumor surgery: personal and social resources promote different domains of quality of life.
Academic Article Predicting posttraumatic growth among Hurricane Katrina survivors living with HIV: the role of self-efficacy, social support, and PTSD symptoms.
Academic Article Mediated effects of social support for healthy nutrition: fruit and vegetable intake across 8 months after myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Self-efficacy as a moderator of the planning-behaviour relationship in interventions designed to promote physical activity.
Academic Article Mechanisms of health behavior change in persons with chronic illness or disability: the Health Action Process Approach (HAPA).
Academic Article Social and cognitive predictors of fruit and vegetable intake among adolescents: the context of changes in body weight.
Academic Article Received social support, self-efficacy, and finding benefits in disease as predictors of physical functioning and adherence to antiretroviral therapy.
Academic Article Effects of a self-efficacy intervention on initiation of recommended exercises in patients with spondylosis.
Academic Article Adoption and maintenance of four health behaviors: theory-guided longitudinal studies on dental flossing, seat belt use, dietary behavior, and physical activity.
Academic Article Multidimensional health locus of control: comments on the construct and its measurement.
Academic Article Changing nutrition, physical activity and body weight among student nurses and midwives: effects of a planning intervention and self-efficacy beliefs.
Academic Article Social-cognitive predictors of physical exercise adherence: three longitudinal studies in rehabilitation.
Academic Article Changes in self-regulatory cognitions as predictors of changes in smoking and nutrition behaviour.
Academic Article Empowerment beliefs and intention to uptake cervical cancer screening: three psychosocial mediating mechanisms.
Concept Self Efficacy
Academic Article Comparing different boosters of planning interventions on changes in fat consumption in overweight and obese individuals: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Secondary trauma self-efficacy: concept and its measurement.
Academic Article The interplay of received social support and self-regulatory factors in smoking cessation.
Academic Article Predicting performance and performance satisfaction: mindfulness and beliefs about the ability to deal with social barriers in sport.
Academic Article Implementation intention and action planning interventions in health contexts: state of the research and proposals for the way forward.
Academic Article Cultivating secondary traumatic growth among healthcare workers: the role of social support and self-efficacy.
Academic Article Self-efficacy moderates but collective efficacy mediates between motivational climate and athletes' well-being.
Academic Article Planning and self-efficacy interventions encouraging replacing energy-dense foods intake with fruit and vegetable: A longitudinal experimental study.
Academic Article From Exhaustion to Disengagement via Self-Efficacy Change: Findings from Two Longitudinal Studies among Human Services Workers.
Academic Article Associations between job burnout and self-efficacy: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Self-Efficacy, Planning, or a Combination of Both? A Longitudinal Experimental Study Comparing Effects of Three Interventions on Adolescents' Body Fat.
Academic Article Effects of Internet-Based Self-Efficacy Intervention on Secondary Traumatic Stress and Secondary Posttraumatic Growth among Health and Human Services Professionals Exposed to Indirect Trauma.
Academic Article Enabling, Not Cultivating: Received Social Support and Self-Efficacy Explain Quality of Life After Lung Cancer Surgery.
Academic Article Women with family cancer history are at risk for poorer physical quality of life and lower self-efficacy: a longitudinal study among men and women with non-small cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Inter-relations among negative social control, self-efficacy, and physical activity in healthy couples.
Academic Article Self-efficacy and quality of life among people with cardiovascular diseases: A meta-analysis.
Academic Article Couples' daily self-regulation: The Health Action Process Approach at the dyadic level.
Academic Article Inter-Relations between Partner-Provided Support and Self-Efficacy: A Dyadic Longitudinal Analysis.
Academic Article Associations between self-efficacy and sedentary behaviour: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Cultivation and Enabling Effects of Social Support and Self-Efficacy in Parent-Child Dyads.

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