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Academic Article Discontinuity patterns in stages of the precaution adoption process model: meat consumption during a livestock epidemic.
Academic Article Planning to change diet: a controlled trial of an implementation intentions training intervention to reduce saturated fat intake among patients after myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Mediated effects of social support for healthy nutrition: fruit and vegetable intake across 8 months after myocardial infarction.
Academic Article Adoption and maintenance of four health behaviors: theory-guided longitudinal studies on dental flossing, seat belt use, dietary behavior, and physical activity.
Academic Article Changing nutrition, physical activity and body weight among student nurses and midwives: effects of a planning intervention and self-efficacy beliefs.
Academic Article Emotional and uncontrolled eating styles and chocolate chip cookie consumption. A controlled trial of the effects of positive mood enhancement.
Academic Article A dietary planning intervention increases fruit consumption in Iranian women.
Concept Feeding Behavior
Academic Article Access to excess: how do adolescents deal with unhealthy foods in their environment?
Academic Article At-home environment, out-of-home environment, snacks and sweetened beverages intake in preadolescence, early and mid-adolescence: the interplay between environment and self-regulation.
Academic Article Food culture in the home environment: family meal practices and values can support healthy eating and self-regulation in young people in four European countries.
Academic Article It doesn't matter what they say, it matters how they behave: Parental influences and changes in body mass among overweight and obese adolescents.
Academic Article Hungry for an intervention? Adolescents' ratings of acceptability of eating-related intervention strategies.
Academic Article A vicious cycle among cognitions and behaviors enhancing risk for eating disorders.
Academic Article Body satisfaction and body weight in under- and healthy-weight adolescents: mediating effects of restrictive dieting, healthy and unhealthy food intake.
Academic Article Bi-directional associations between parental feeding practices and children's body mass in parent-child dyads.
Academic Article Gender-Specific Body Areas Satisfaction and Body Weight Status in Adolescents: Mediating Effects of Physical Activity, Fruit and Vegetable Intake, and Energy-Dense Food Intake.
Academic Article Why are you eating, mom? Maternal emotional, restrained, and external eating explaining children's eating styles.
Academic Article Effects of Environmental Worry on Fruit and Vegetable Intake.

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