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Academic Article In vitro studies of the early steps of RNA synthesis by human RNA polymerase II.
Academic Article The basic leucine zipper domain of c-Jun functions in transcriptional activation through interaction with the N terminus of human TATA-binding protein-associated factor-1 (human TAF(II)250).
Academic Article B2 RNA binds directly to RNA polymerase II to repress transcript synthesis.
Academic Article The sequence at specific positions in the early transcribed region sets the rate of transcript synthesis by RNA polymerase II in vitro.
Academic Article Characterization of the sequence and architectural constraints of the regulatory and core regions of the human interleukin-2 promoter.
Academic Article RNA polymerase II and TAFs undergo a slow isomerization after the polymerase is recruited to promoter-bound TFIID.
Academic Article Genome-wide insights into eukaryotic transcriptional control.
Academic Article Unexpected roles for core promoter recognition factors in cell-type-specific transcription and gene regulation.
Academic Article B2 RNA represses TFIIH phosphorylation of RNA polymerase II.
Academic Article An 8 nt RNA triggers a rate-limiting shift of RNA polymerase II complexes into elongation.
Academic Article Translocation after synthesis of a four-nucleotide RNA commits RNA polymerase II to promoter escape.
Academic Article Human Alu RNA is a modular transacting repressor of mRNA transcription during heat shock.
Academic Article The C-terminal region of human NFATc2 binds cJun to synergistically activate interleukin-2 transcription.
Academic Article B2 RNA and Alu RNA repress transcription by disrupting contacts between RNA polymerase II and promoter DNA within assembled complexes.
Academic Article NFATc2 recruits cJun homodimers to an NFAT site to synergistically activate interleukin-2 transcription.
Concept Promoter Regions, Genetic
Academic Article The non-coding B2 RNA binds to the DNA cleft and active-site region of RNA polymerase II.
Academic Article Selection and characterization of a DNA aptamer that can discriminate between cJun/cJun and cJun/cFos.
Academic Article Single molecule studies of RNA polymerase II transcription in vitro.
Academic Article Infection by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Causes Near-Complete Loss of RNA Polymerase II Occupancy on the Host Cell Genome.
Academic Article Noncoding RNAs: Regulators of the Mammalian Transcription Machinery.
Academic Article Single molecule microscopy reveals mechanistic insight into RNA polymerase II preinitiation complex assembly and transcriptional activity.
Academic Article Finding the start site: redefining the human initiator element.
Academic Article Monitoring transcriptional activity by RNA polymerase II in vitro using single molecule co-localization.
Academic Article Release of Human TFIIB from Actively Transcribing Complexes Is Triggered upon Synthesis of 7- and 9-nt RNAs.
Academic Article The Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Protein ICP4 Acts as both an Activator and a Repressor of Host Genome Transcription during Infection.

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