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Concept Retrospective Studies
Academic Article Base deficit correlates with mortality in pediatric abusive head trauma.
Academic Article Operative intervention for pediatric liver injuries: avoiding delay in treatment.
Academic Article Reimaging in pediatric neurotrauma: factors associated with progression of intracranial injury.
Academic Article Infant car safety seats and risk of head injury.
Academic Article Early tracheostomy improves outcomes in severely injured children and adolescents.
Academic Article Vascular injury is associated with increased mortality in winter sports trauma.
Academic Article A multicenter study of preventable contact burns from glass fronted gas fireplaces.
Academic Article Pediatric abdominal injury patterns caused by "falls": A comparison between nonaccidental and accidental trauma.
Academic Article A Soft Casting Technique for Managing Pediatric Hand and Foot Burns.
Academic Article Sun heated surfaces are an environmental hazard for young children.
Academic Article The benefits of limiting scheduled blood draws in children with a blunt liver or spleen injury.
Academic Article Anti-coagulation management in pediatric traumatic vascular injuries.
Academic Article The true cost of child abuse at a level 1 pediatric trauma center.
Academic Article Into the wild and on to the table: A Western Trauma Association multicenter analysis and comparison of wilderness falls in rock climbers and nonclimbers.
Academic Article The shock index, pediatric age-adjusted (SIPA) enhanced: Prehospital and emergency department SIPA values forecast transfusion needs for blunt solid organ injured children.
Academic Article The Nissen Unwrapped: Predictors and Outcomes of Nissen Fundoplication in Congenital Heart Disease.
Academic Article Guns, scalpels, and sutures: The cost of gunshot wounds in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Enough is enough: Radiation doses in children with gastrojejunal tubes.
Academic Article Combining Cribari matrix and Need For Trauma Intervention (NFTI) to accurately assess undertriage in pediatric trauma.
Academic Article Decision-making in pediatric blunt solid organ injury: A deep learning approach to predict massive transfusion, need for operative management, and mortality risk.
Academic Article Meaningful viscoelastic abnormalities in abusive and non-abusivepediatric trauma.
Academic Article Elevated pediatric age-adjusted shock-index (SIPA) in blunt solid organ injuries.
Academic Article Gastrostomy Button Placement in Infants With Cyanotic Versus Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease.
Academic Article Comparison of non-invasive physiological assessment tools between simple and perforated appendicitis in children.
Academic Article Not as simple as ABC: Tools to trigger massive transfusion in pediatric trauma.
Academic Article It is time for TEG in pediatric trauma: unveiling meaningful alterations in children who undergo massive transfusion.
Academic Article To give or not to give? Blood for pediatric trauma patients prior to pediatric trauma center arrival.
Academic Article A surgeon's predicament: Clinical predictors of surgery and mortality in neutropenic enterocolitis.
Academic Article Management of blunt traumatic abdominal wall hernias: A Western Trauma Association multicenter study.
Academic Article Pre-hospital and emergency department shock index pediatric age-adjusted (SIPA) "cut points" to identify pediatric trauma patients at risk for massive transfusion and/or mortality.
Academic Article Novel tool (BIS) heralds the need for blood transfusion and/or failure of non-operative management in pediatric blunt liver and spleen injuries.
Academic Article Pediatric cardiac and great vessel injuries: Recent experience at two pediatric trauma centers.
Academic Article Discreet Values of Shock Index Pediatric Age-Adjusted (SIPA) to Predict Intervention in Children With Blunt Organ Injuries.

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