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Concept Hypertension, Pulmonary
Academic Article Metabolic and Proliferative State of Vascular Adventitial Fibroblasts in Pulmonary Hypertension Is Regulated Through a MicroRNA-124/PTBP1 (Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein 1)/Pyruvate Kinase Muscle Axis.
Academic Article How Many FOXs Are There on The Road to Pulmonary Hypertension?
Academic Article Mechanisms contributing to persistently activated cell phenotypes in pulmonary hypertension.
Academic Article Suppression of HIF2 signalling attenuates the initiation of hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension.
Academic Article Hypoxic activation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase controls the expression of genes involved in the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension through the regulation of DNA methylation.
Academic Article RNA-Binding Proteins in Pulmonary Hypertension.
Grant Role of Mitochondrial/Metabolic Reprogramming in Controlling Aberrant Gene Expression in Pulmonary Hypertension
Academic Article Microenvironmental Regulation of Macrophage Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Profiles in Pulmonary Hypertension.
Academic Article Mechanisms Contributing to the Dysregulation of miRNA-124 in Pulmonary Hypertension.
Academic Article The Effect of Hypoxia-inducible Factor Inhibition on the Phenotype of Fibroblasts in Human and Bovine Pulmonary Hypertension.
Academic Article Functional and molecular determinants of right ventricular response to severe pulmonary hypertension in a large animal model.
Academic Article SIRT3 Is a Critical Regulator of Mitochondrial Function of Fibroblasts in Pulmonary Hypertension.
Academic Article Microenvironmental regulation of T-cells in pulmonary hypertension.

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