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Academic Article Multiple defects and perinatal death in mice deficient in follistatin.
Academic Article Langerhans cells in the TGF beta 1 null mouse.
Academic Article Transduction of a preselected population of human epidermal stem cells: consequences for gene therapy.
Academic Article Delayed wound healing in keratin 6a knockout mice.
Academic Article Focal activation of a mutant allele defines the role of stem cells in mosaic skin disorders.
Academic Article Deregulated expression of c-Myc depletes epidermal stem cells.
Academic Article Epidermal differentiation: transgenic/knockout mouse models reveal genes involved in stem cell fate decisions and commitment to differentiation.
Academic Article c-Myc and epidermal stem cell fate determination.
Academic Article Differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells into a multipotent keratinocyte lineage.
Academic Article Osteoblasts derived from induced pluripotent stem cells form calcified structures in scaffolds both in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article A fitness model for melanoma-initiating cells.
Academic Article Aurora kinase-A deficiency during skin development impairs cell division and stratification.
Academic Article Generation of functional multipotent keratinocytes from mouse induced pluripotent stem cells.
Academic Article Genetic manipulation of keratinocyte stem cells with lentiviral vectors.
Academic Article Inducible mouse models for inherited skin diseases: implications for skin gene therapy.
Academic Article P63 deficiency: a failure of lineage commitment or stem cell maintenance?
Academic Article Oct-4: the almighty POUripotent regulator?
Academic Article Genes involved in stem cell fate decisions and commitment to differentiation play a role in skin disease.
Academic Article Aberrant differentiation in mouse skin carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Apoptotic cells activate the "phoenix rising" pathway to promote wound healing and tissue regeneration.
Academic Article Horizontal basal cells are multipotent progenitors in normal and injured adult olfactory epithelium.
Academic Article The effect of c-myc on stem cell fate influences skin tumor phenotype.
Academic Article Are stem cell niches shared for skin cancers?
Academic Article Altering cell fate: from thymus epithelium to skin stem cells.
Academic Article Keratin 6a marks mammary bipotential progenitor cells that can give rise to a unique tumor model resembling human normal-like breast cancer.
Academic Article Rpl27a mutation in the sooty foot ataxia mouse phenocopies high p53 mouse models.
Academic Article ALDH1A isozymes are markers of human melanoma stem cells and potential therapeutic targets.
Concept Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Concept Neoplastic Stem Cells
Concept Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Concept Adult Stem Cells
Concept Multipotent Stem Cells
Concept Pluripotent Stem Cells
Concept Stem Cells
Concept Stem Cell Niche
Academic Article Epithelial stem cell mutations that promote squamous cell carcinoma metastasis.
Academic Article Isolation and characterization of squamous cell carcinoma-derived stem-like cells: role in tumor formation.
Academic Article Differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells into a keratinocyte lineage.
Academic Article Induced pluripotent stem cells in dermatology: potentials, advances, and limitations.
Academic Article Narrow Band Ultraviolet B Treatment for Human Vitiligo Is Associated with Proliferation, Migration, and Differentiation of Melanocyte Precursors.
Academic Article XactMice: humanizing mouse bone marrow enables microenvironment reconstitution in a patient-derived xenograft model of head and neck cancer.
Academic Article MicroRNA-203 represses selection and expansion of oncogenic Hras transformed tumor initiating cells.
Academic Article Regulation of Head and Neck Squamous Cancer Stem Cells by PI3K and SOX2.
Academic Article Trends in Regenerative Medicine: Repigmentation in Vitiligo Through Melanocyte Stem Cell Mobilization.
Grant Targeting Oncogene Expression to Skin in Transgenic Mice
Grant Testing the Therapeutic Potential of iPS Cells for Inherited Skin Diseases
Grant Training in Immunodermatology
Grant The Denver Network of the NHLBI Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium
Academic Article Repigmentation of Human Vitiligo Skin by NBUVB Is Controlled by Transcription of GLI1 and Activation of the ß-Catenin Pathway in the Hair Follicle Bulge Stem Cells.
Academic Article High-efficiency RNA-based reprogramming of human primary fibroblasts.
Grant Exploring Alternative iPS Cell Therapies for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Academic Article Melanocyte Precursors in the Hair Follicle Bulge of Repigmented Vitiligo Skin Are Controlled by RHO-GTPase, KCTD10, and CTNNB1 Signaling.

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