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Academic Article Proto-oncogene expression during two-stage carcinogenesis in mouse skin.
Academic Article Evidence that deoxyribonucleic acid sequences flanking the ovalbumin gene are not transcribed.
Academic Article Expression of keratin genes in mouse epidermis and normal and malignantly transformed epidermal cells in culture.
Academic Article Definition of the 5' and 3' ends of transcripts of the ovalbumin gene.
Academic Article Mutations in the rod domain of keratin 2e in patients with ichthyosis bullosa of Siemens.
Academic Article Transgenic mice expressing targeted HPV-18 E6 and E7 oncogenes in the epidermis develop verrucous lesions and spontaneous, rasHa-activated papillomas.
Academic Article Induction of epidermal hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis, and papillomas in transgenic mice by a targeted v-Ha-ras oncogene.
Academic Article Inhibition of skin development by overexpression of transforming growth factor beta 1 in the epidermis of transgenic mice.
Academic Article Cooperation between v-fos and v-rasHA induces autonomous papillomas in transgenic epidermis but not malignant conversion.
Academic Article Low frequency of codon 61 Ha-ras mutations and lack of keratin 13 expression in 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]-anthracene-induced hamster skin tumors.
Academic Article Inhibition of melanoma growth by adenoviral-mediated HSV thymidine kinase gene transfer in vivo.
Academic Article Multiple defects and perinatal death in mice deficient in follistatin.
Academic Article Dissecting molecular carcinogenesis: development of transgenic mouse models by epidermal gene targeting.
Academic Article Epidermis: an attractive target tissue for gene therapy.
Academic Article Epidermal expression of transforming growth factor-alpha in transgenic mice: induction of spontaneous and 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-induced papillomas via a mechanism independent of Ha-ras activation or overexpression.
Academic Article Heterogeneous initiation regions for transcription of the chicken ovomucoid gene.
Academic Article Multistage skin carcinogenesis in transgenic mice.
Academic Article Structure and expression of a chicken gene coding for U1 RNA.
Academic Article Keratin gene expression in mouse epidermis and cultured epidermal cells.
Academic Article The complete cDNA and deduced amino acid sequence of a type II mouse epidermal keratin of 60,000 Da: analysis of sequence differences between type I and type II keratins.
Academic Article Definition of the transcription unit of the natural ovalbumin gene.
Academic Article Paradoxical tumor inhibitory effect of p53 loss in transgenic mice expressing epidermal-targeted v-rasHa, v-fos, or human transforming growth factor alpha.
Academic Article Development of transgenic mouse models of skin carcinogenesis: potential applications.
Academic Article Hyperplasia, hyperkeratosis and benign tumor production in transgenic mice by a targeted v-fos oncogene suggest a role for fos in epidermal differentiation and neoplasia.
Academic Article Identification of a calcium-inducible, epidermal-specific regulatory element in the 3'-flanking region of the human keratin 1 gene.
Academic Article Transgenic models of skin diseases.
Academic Article The proximal promoter of the mouse loricrin gene contains a functional AP-1 element and directs keratinocyte-specific but not differentiation-specific expression.
Academic Article Ex vivo and in vivo adenovirus-mediated gene therapy strategies induce a systemic anti-tumor immune defence in the B16 melanoma model.
Academic Article Expression of a p53 mutant in the epidermis of transgenic mice accelerates chemical carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Transduction of a preselected population of human epidermal stem cells: consequences for gene therapy.
Academic Article Analysis of centrosome abnormalities and angiogenesis in epidermal-targeted p53172H mutant and p53-knockout mice after chemical carcinogenesis: evidence for a gain of function.
Academic Article Characterization of loricrin regulation in vitro and in transgenic mice.
Academic Article 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate promotion of transgenic mouse epidermis coexpressing transforming growth factor-alpha and v-fos: acceleration of autonomous papilloma formation and malignant conversion via c-Ha-ras activation.
Academic Article Characterization of an inducible, epidermal-specific knockout system: differential expression of lacZ in different Cre reporter mouse strains.
Academic Article Delayed wound healing in keratin 6a knockout mice.
Academic Article Focal activation of a mutant allele defines the role of stem cells in mosaic skin disorders.
Academic Article An inducible mouse model for epidermolysis bullosa simplex: implications for gene therapy.
Academic Article Immunological gene therapy approaches for malignant melanoma. 1. Tumor-immunological background.
Academic Article Immunological gene therapy approaches for malignant melanoma. 2. Preclinical studies and clinical strategies.
Academic Article Altered regulation of growth and expression of differentiation-associated keratins in benign mouse skin tumors.
Academic Article In utero activation of K5.CrePR1 induces gene deletion.
Academic Article Epidermal differentiation: transgenic/knockout mouse models reveal genes involved in stem cell fate decisions and commitment to differentiation.
Academic Article Alterations in epidermal biochemistry as a consequence of stage-specific genetic changes in skin carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Multistage epidermal carcinogenesis in transgenic mice: cooperativity and paradox.
Academic Article The ovalbumin gene: organization, structure, transcription, and regulation.
Academic Article p63 is the molecular switch for initiation of an epithelial stratification program.
Academic Article p63 and epithelial appendage development.
Academic Article Yin-yang 1 negatively regulates the differentiation-specific transcription of mouse loricrin gene in undifferentiated keratinocytes.
Academic Article p63 is a p53 homologue required for limb and epidermal morphogenesis.
Academic Article Cross-regulation between Notch and p63 in keratinocyte commitment to differentiation.
Academic Article The Grainyhead-like epithelial transactivator Get-1/Grhl3 regulates epidermal terminal differentiation and interacts functionally with LMO4.
Academic Article p63 induces key target genes required for epidermal morphogenesis.
Academic Article Targeted ablation of Arnt in mouse epidermis results in profound defects in desquamation and epidermal barrier function.
Academic Article An inducible mouse model for skin cancer reveals distinct roles for gain- and loss-of-function p53 mutations.
Academic Article Cooperation of Ha-ras and Bcl-2 during multistep skin carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Mice expressing a mutant Krt75 (K6hf) allele develop hair and nail defects resembling pachyonychia congenita.
Academic Article The malignant conversion step of mouse skin carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Disruption of epidermal specific gene expression and delayed skin development in AP-2 gamma mutant mice.
Academic Article Keratin gene expression in mouse skin tumors and in mouse skin treated with 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate.
Academic Article The use of cDNA clones and monospecific antibodies as probes to monitor keratin gene expression.
Academic Article Transfection of the EJ rasHa gene into keratinocytes derived from carcinogen-induced mouse papillomas causes malignant progression.
Academic Article Regulation of keratin gene expression during differentiation of epidermal and vaginal epithelial cells.
Academic Article Transcriptional control of high molecular weight keratin gene expression in multistage mouse skin carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Molecular cloning of mouse epidermal cystatin A and detection of regulated expression in differentiation and tumorigenesis.
Academic Article SKI knockdown inhibits human melanoma tumor growth in vivo.
Academic Article In situ hybridization analysis of keratin gene expression in human ameloblastomas.
Academic Article Development of gene-switch transgenic mice that inducibly express transforming growth factor beta1 in the epidermis.
Academic Article Targeted expression of c-Myc in the epidermis alters normal proliferation, differentiation and UV-B induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Transgenic coexpression of v-Ha-ras and transforming growth factor alpha increases epidermal hyperproliferation and tumorigenesis and predisposes to malignant conversion via endogenous c-Ha-ras activation.
Academic Article Structure of a gene for the human epidermal 67-kDa keratin.
Academic Article Osteoblasts derived from induced pluripotent stem cells form calcified structures in scaffolds both in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Gain-of-function mutant p53 but not p53 deletion promotes head and neck cancer progression in response to oncogenic K-ras.
Academic Article Myc, Aurora Kinase A, and mutant p53(R172H) co-operate in a mouse model of metastatic skin carcinoma.
Academic Article The ovalbumin gene: transcriptional regulation by estrogen.
Academic Article Differential keratin gene expression in developing, differentiating, preneoplastic, and neoplastic mouse mammary epithelium.
Academic Article A human epidermal differentiation-specific keratin gene is regulated by calcium but not negative modulators of differentiation in transgenic mouse keratinocytes.
Academic Article Aurora kinase-A deficiency during skin development impairs cell division and stratification.
Academic Article The expression and modulation of IL-1 alpha in murine keratinocytes.
Academic Article Effect of estrogen on gene expression in the chick oviduct. Regulation of the ovomucoid gene.
Academic Article Prenatal diagnosis of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis by direct gene sequencing.
Academic Article Retinoic acid suppression of loricrin expression in reconstituted human skin cultured at the liquid-air interface.
Academic Article 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate promotion of transgenic mice expressing epidermal-targeted v-fos induces rasHA-activated papillomas and carcinomas without p53 mutation: association of v-fos expression with promotion and tumor autonomy.
Academic Article Mouse differentiation-specific keratins 1 and 10 require a preexisting keratin scaffold to form a filament network.
Academic Article Keap1-null mutation leads to postnatal lethality due to constitutive Nrf2 activation.
Academic Article Characterization of the mouse loricrin gene: linkage with profilaggrin and the flaky tail and soft coat mutant loci on chromosome 3.
Academic Article IkappaB kinase-alpha acts in the epidermis to control skeletal and craniofacial morphogenesis.
Academic Article Development of transgenic mice that inducibly express an active form of c-Src in the epidermis.
Academic Article Inducible activation of oncogenic K-ras results in tumor formation in the oral cavity.
Academic Article Inducible mouse models for inherited skin diseases: implications for skin gene therapy.
Academic Article Expression of a dominant-negative type II transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) receptor in the epidermis of transgenic mice blocks TGF-beta-mediated growth inhibition.
Academic Article Integration of Notch 1 and calcineurin/NFAT signaling pathways in keratinocyte growth and differentiation control.
Academic Article Human keratin-1.bcl-2 transgenic mice aberrantly express keratin 6, exhibit reduced sensitivity to keratinocyte cell death induction, and are susceptible to skin tumor formation.
Academic Article Transcription of the human loricrin gene in vitro is induced by calcium and cell density and suppressed by retinoic acid.
Academic Article Adenovirus-mediated ex vivo immunogene and in vivo combination gene therapy strategies induce a systemic anti-tumor immune defense in the mouse B16 melanoma model.
Academic Article Deregulated minichromosomal maintenance protein MCM7 contributes to oncogene driven tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Reactivation of developmentally expressed p63 isoforms predisposes to tumor development and progression.
Academic Article Expression of MK6a dominant-negative and C-terminal mutant transgenes in mice has distinct phenotypic consequences in the epidermis and hair follicle.
Academic Article The mouse keratin 6 isoforms are differentially expressed in the hair follicle, footpad, tongue and activated epidermis.
Academic Article p63 heterozygous mutant mice are not prone to spontaneous or chemically induced tumors.
Academic Article Down-regulation of p63 is required for epidermal UV-B-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Targeting gene expression to the epidermis of transgenic mice: potential applications to genetic skin disorders.
Academic Article Keratin 6 is not essential for mammary gland development.
Academic Article Cooperation between Ha-ras and fos or transforming growth factor alpha overcomes a paradoxic tumor-inhibitory effect of p53 loss in transgenic mouse epidermis.
Academic Article Regulated cutaneous gene delivery: the skin as a bioreactor.
Academic Article The v-ras oncogene inhibits the expression of differentiation markers and facilitates expression of cytokeratins 8 and 18 in mouse keratinocytes.
Academic Article Epidermal morphogenesis and keratin expression in c-Ha-ras-transfected tumorigenic clones of the human HaCaT cell line.
Academic Article The role of p63 in development and differentiation of the epidermis.
Academic Article Genes involved in stem cell fate decisions and commitment to differentiation play a role in skin disease.
Academic Article Plasma membrane assays and three-compartment image cytometry for high content screening.
Academic Article Double-inducible gene activation system for caspase 3 and 9 in epidermis.
Academic Article TAp63alpha induces AP-2gamma as an early event in epidermal morphogenesis.
Academic Article p63 directly induces expression of Alox12, a regulator of epidermal barrier formation.
Academic Article Genetically engineered mouse models for skin research: taking the next step.
Academic Article IKKalpha is a p63 transcriptional target involved in the pathogenesis of ectodermal dysplasias.
Academic Article The molecular biology of intermediate filaments.
Academic Article Organization of a type I keratin gene. Evidence for evolution of intermediate filaments from a common ancestral gene.
Academic Article Nrf2 links epidermal barrier function with antioxidant defense.
Academic Article ALDH1A isozymes are markers of human melanoma stem cells and potential therapeutic targets.
Academic Article Montagna Symposium 2011: 60th Anniversary--Advances in Science and Medicine Catalyzed by Pioneering Skin Research.
Academic Article Amniotic fluid activates the nrf2/keap1 pathway to repair an epidermal barrier defect in utero.
Academic Article Molecular and cellular biology of intermediate filaments.
Academic Article The gene for mouse epidermal filaggrin precursor. Its partial characterization, expression, and sequence of a repeating filaggrin unit.
Academic Article Transcription of structural and intervening sequences in the ovalbumin gene and identification of potential ovalbumin mRNA precursors.
Concept Genes, Regulator
Concept Genomic Library
Concept Transgenes
Concept DNA, Recombinant
Concept Genes, Reporter
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Concept Gene Expression Profiling
Concept Genes, Lethal
Concept Gene Amplification
Concept Multigene Family
Concept Genes, Tumor Suppressor
Concept Oncogenes
Concept Gene Expression
Concept Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Concept Proto-Oncogenes
Concept Genes, Dominant
Concept Sequence Homology
Concept Gene Knock-In Techniques
Concept Gene Targeting
Concept Nuclear Localization Signals
Concept Open Reading Frames
Concept Genes
Concept Amino Acid Sequence
Concept Lac Operon
Concept Genes, fos
Concept Genes, myc
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
Concept Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid
Concept Genes, bcl-2
Concept Molecular Structure
Concept Gene Deletion
Concept Gene Silencing
Concept Base Sequence
Concept Alleles
Concept Genes, Recessive
Concept Gene Knockdown Techniques
Concept Gene Transfer Techniques
Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Genes, ras
Concept Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Concept Genes, p53
Concept RNA Splice Sites
Academic Article Epithelial stem cell mutations that promote squamous cell carcinoma metastasis.
Academic Article XactMice: humanizing mouse bone marrow enables microenvironment reconstitution in a patient-derived xenograft model of head and neck cancer.
Academic Article MicroRNA-203 represses selection and expansion of oncogenic Hras transformed tumor initiating cells.
Academic Article A keratin scaffold regulates epidermal barrier formation, mitochondrial lipid composition, and activity.
Academic Article A pilot study of cetuximab and the hedgehog inhibitor IPI-926 in recurrent/metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Correction of Hair Shaft Defects through Allele-Specific Silencing of Mutant Krt75.
Academic Article Lce1 Family Members Are Nrf2-Target Genes that Are Induced to Compensate for?the Loss of Loricrin.
Academic Article Defects in Stratum Corneum Desquamation Are the Predominant Effect of Impaired ABCA12 Function in a Novel Mouse Model of Harlequin Ichthyosis.
Academic Article Shared gene expression patterns in mesenchymal progenitors derived from lung and epidermis in pulmonary arterial hypertension: identifying key pathways in pulmonary vascular disease.
Grant The consequences of loricrin deficiency on epidermal barrier function
Grant Regulation and Function of Keratins in the Epidermis
Grant Targeting Oncogene Expression to Skin in Transgenic Mice
Grant Molecular Mechanisms of Skin and Appendage Development
Grant Testing the Therapeutic Potential of iPS Cells for Inherited Skin Diseases
Concept Transcriptome
Grant Exploring Alternative iPS Cell Therapies for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa
Academic Article Ancestral patterns of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa mutations in Hispanic populations suggest sephardic ancestry.

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