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Academic Article Influenza vaccine delivery delays from the perspective of primary care physicians.
Academic Article Seasonal influenza vaccination in adults: practice and attitudes about collaborative delivery with community vaccinators.
Academic Article Maternal characteristics and hospital policies as risk factors for nonreceipt of hepatitis B vaccine in the newborn nursery.
Academic Article Adherence to expanded influenza immunization recommendations among primary care providers.
Academic Article Influenza vaccination in the 2009-2010 pandemic season: the experience of primary care physicians.
Academic Article Febrile seizures and measles-mumps-rubella-varicella (MMRV) vaccine: what do primary care physicians think?
Academic Article Physicians' confidence in vaccine safety studies.
Academic Article Pediatricians' attitudes about collaborations with other community vaccinators in the delivery of seasonal influenza?vaccine.
Academic Article Timing of adolescent meningococcal conjugate vaccination attitudes and practices of pediatricians and family medicine physicians.
Academic Article Adoption of rotavirus vaccine by U.S. physicians: progress and challenges.
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Education
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Adolescent Health Services
Concept Occupational Health Services
Concept Urban Health Services
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Public Health Practice
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Public Health
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Allied Health Personnel
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Maternal Health Services
Concept Health Personnel
Concept Public Health Administration
Concept Preventive Health Services
Concept Rural Health Services
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Insurance, Health, Reimbursement
Concept Health Policy
Concept Health Plan Implementation
Concept School Health Services
Academic Article HPV vaccination of boys in primary care practices.
Academic Article Vaccine financing from the perspective of primary care physicians.
Academic Article U.S. physicians' perspective of adult vaccine delivery.
Academic Article Acceptability of a hypothetical group B strep vaccine among pregnant and recently delivered women.
Academic Article School-based health centers as patient-centered medical homes.
Academic Article Effectiveness of primary care-public health collaborations in the delivery of influenza vaccine: a cluster-randomized pragmatic trial.
Academic Article Acceptability of human papillomavirus vaccines among women older than 26 years.
Academic Article Acceptability of using standing orders to deliver human papillomavirus vaccines in the outpatient obstetrician/gynecologist setting.
Academic Article Physician response to parental requests to spread out the recommended vaccine schedule.
Academic Article Understanding how different recruitment strategies impact parent engagement with an iPad-based intervention to provide personalized information about adolescent vaccines.
Academic Article Urban and Rural Differences in Parental Attitudes About Influenza Vaccination and Vaccine Delivery Models.
Academic Article Influenza and Pertussis Vaccination Among Pregnant Women and Their Infants' Close Contacts: Reported Practices and Attitudes.
Academic Article Effectiveness and Cost of Bidirectional Text Messaging for Adolescent Vaccines and Well Care.
Academic Article Characteristics of Physicians Who Dismiss Families for Refusing Vaccines.
Academic Article Characteristics of users of a tailored, interactive website for parents and its impact on adolescent vaccination attitudes and uptake.
Academic Article Provider Attitudes Regarding Vaccine Tracking Systems in Pediatric Practices.
Academic Article Effect of a multi-modal intervention on immunization rates in obstetrics and gynecology clinics.
Academic Article School-Based Health Centers as Medical Homes: Parents' and Adolescents' Perspectives.
Academic Article Tdap vaccine attitudes and utilization among pregnant women from a high-risk population.
Academic Article Parents' perceptions of provider communication regarding adolescent vaccines.
Academic Article Measles, the media, and MMR: Impact of the 2014-15 measles outbreak.
Academic Article Facilitators and barriers to the use of standing orders for vaccination in obstetrics and gynecology settings.
Academic Article Noninitiation and Noncompletion of HPV Vaccine Among English- and Spanish-Speaking Parents of Adolescent Girls: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Financing of Vaccine Delivery in Primary Care Practices.
Academic Article Update From the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
Academic Article Web-based Social Media Intervention to Increase Vaccine Acceptance: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Immunization Practices of U.S. Obstetrician/Gynecologists for Pregnant Patients.
Academic Article Clinician perspectives on strategies to improve patient maternal immunization acceptability in obstetrics and gynecology practice settings.
Academic Article Primary Care Physicians' Struggle with Current Adult Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations.
Academic Article Exploring Facilitators and Barriers to Initiation and Completion of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Series among Parents of Girls in a Safety Net System.
Academic Article Improving Provider Communication about HPV Vaccines for Vaccine-Hesitant Parents Through the Use of Motivational Interviewing.
Academic Article Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: Narrative Review of Studies on How Providers' Vaccine Communication Affects Attitudes and Uptake.
Academic Article A workplace exercise versus health promotion intervention to prevent and reduce the economic and personal burden of non-specific neck pain in office personnel: protocol of a cluster-randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article Effect of a Health Care Professional Communication Training Intervention on Adolescent Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Category B ACIP Recommendations Among Primary Care Providers for Children.
Academic Article Impact of publicly available vaccination rates on parental school and child care choice.
Academic Article Patient Perspectives of Obstetrician-Gynecologists as Primary Care Providers.
Academic Article Measuring vaccine hesitancy: Field testing the WHO SAGE Working Group on Vaccine Hesitancy survey tool in Guatemala.
Academic Article Evaluation of the Implementation of a Multicomponent Intervention to Improve Health Care Provider Communication About Human Papillomavirus Vaccination.
Academic Article Adoption of Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine Recommendations.
Academic Article Provider and Parent Perspectives on Enhanced Communication Tools for Human Papillomavirus Vaccine-Hesitant Parents.
Academic Article Timing of Information-Seeking about Infant Vaccines.
Academic Article Primary care physicians' experience with zoster vaccine live (ZVL) and awareness and attitudes regarding the new recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV).
Academic Article Examining strategies for improving healthcare providers' communication about adolescent HPV vaccination: evaluation of secondary outcomes in a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Enhancing uptake of influenza maternal vaccine.
Academic Article Primary care physicians' perspectives on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease in adults and a potential RSV vaccine for adults.
Grant Evaluation of the Presumptively Initiating Vaccines and Optimizing Talk with Motivational Interviewing (PIVOT with MI) Intervention
Academic Article Parent report of provider HPV vaccine communication strategies used during a randomized, controlled trial of a provider communication intervention.
Academic Article Vaccination Practices Among Obstetrician/Gynecologists for Non-pregnant Patients.
Academic Article Denver Religious Leaders' Vaccine Attitudes, Practices, and Congregational Experiences.
Concept Infant Health
Concept Child Health
Concept Health Communication
Academic Article Development and acceptability of a video-based vaccine promotion tutorial for obstetric care providers.
Academic Article Use of Electronic Health Records to Improve Maternal Vaccination.
Grant Adapting Motivational Interviewing for Maternal Immunization (MI4MI)
Academic Article Survey of Adult Influenza Vaccination Practices and Perspectives Among US Primary Care Providers (2016-2017 Influenza Season).
Academic Article Ten years of experience with herpes zoster vaccine in primary care- how attitudes and practices have changed and what it may mean for a new zoster vaccine.
Academic Article Efficacy of a Web-Based Intervention to Increase Uptake of Maternal Vaccines: An RCT.
Academic Article Process for Setting Research Priorities: A Case Study from the State Networks of Colorado Ambulatory Practices and Partners (SNOCAP) Consortium.
Academic Article Building Trust: Clergy and the Call to Eliminate Religious Exemptions.
Academic Article MomsTalkShots: An individually tailored educational application for maternal and infant vaccines.
Academic Article Patient-Centered Research Priorities: A Mixed-Methods Approach from the Colorado Children's Outcomes Network (COCONet).
Academic Article HPV Vaccine Delivery Practices by Primary Care Physicians.
Grant Engaging practices and communities in the development of interventions to promote HPV vaccine uptake
Academic Article Dissociative identity disorder and the nurse-patient relationship in the acute care setting: an action research study.
Academic Article Evidence-based strategies to increase vaccination uptake: a review.
Academic Article Primary care physician knowledge, attitudes, and diagnostic testing practices for norovirus and acute gastroenteritis.
Academic Article Pediatricians' Experiences With and Perceptions of the Vaccines for Children Program.
Academic Article Characterizing the vaccine knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intentions of pregnant women in Georgia and Colorado.
Academic Article Dismissal policies for vaccine refusal among US physicians: a literature review.
Academic Article Factors associated with referring close contacts to an app with individually-tailored vaccine information.
Academic Article Cost and reimbursement of providing routine vaccines in outpatient obstetrician/gynecologist settings.
Academic Article Clergy attitudes toward vaccines and vaccine advocacy: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Patient Decision Making Related to Maternal and Childhood Vaccines: Exploring the Role of Trust in Providers Through a Relational Theory of Power Approach.
Academic Article Latent Class Analysis of Maternal Vaccine Attitudes and Beliefs.
Academic Article Recent advances in addressing vaccine hesitancy.
Academic Article Policies Among US Pediatricians for Dismissing Patients for Delaying or Refusing Vaccination.
Academic Article Adapting and piloting a vaccine hesitancy questionnaire in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Parental Vaccine Hesitancy and Vaccination Disparities in a Safety-Net System.
Academic Article US Primary Care Physicians' Viewpoints on HPV Vaccination for Adults 27 to 45 Years.
Academic Article Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Maternal Vaccine Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intentions.
Academic Article Changes in Strength of Recommendation and Perceived Barriers to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: Longitudinal Analysis of Primary Care Physicians, 2008-2018.
Academic Article Addressing Vaccine Concerns: A Hopeful Path Forward for Vaccine Confidence.
Academic Article Primary Care Physicians' Perspective on Pharmacists Delivering Vaccines to Adults.
Academic Article Physician survey regarding updated PCV13 vaccine recommendations for adults =65?years.
Academic Article Parental Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of Pediatric Influenza Under-Vaccination in a Safety-Net Health Care System.
Academic Article Parental vaccine hesitancy: scope, causes, and potential responses.
Academic Article Rural Adolescent Immunization: Delivery Practices and Barriers to Uptake.
Academic Article "It's Like 1998 Again": Why Parents Still Refuse and Delay Vaccines.
Academic Article How Can We Best Use COVID-19 Vaccines in Adolescents? A Perspective From the United States.
Academic Article Pediatricians' Knowledge and Practices Related to Mumps Diagnosis and Prevention.
Academic Article US Primary Care Providers' Experiences and Practices Related to Routine Pediatric Vaccination During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Risks of Infectious Diseases in Newborns Exposed to Alternative Perinatal Practices.
Academic Article Understanding the Factors Influencing Health Care Provider Recommendations about Adolescent Vaccines: A Proposed Framework.
Academic Article Parent Attitudes Towards Childhood Vaccines After the Onset of SARS-CoV-2 in the United States.
Academic Article MomsTalkShots, tailored educational app, improves vaccine attitudes: a randomized controlled trial.

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