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Academic Article A quantitative study of potassium channel kinetics in rat skeletal muscle from 1 to 37 degrees C.
Academic Article Slow components of potassium tail currents in rat skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Functional nonequality of the cardiac and skeletal ryanodine receptors.
Academic Article Lambert-Eaton sera reduce low-voltage and high-voltage activated Ca2+ currents in murine dorsal root ganglion neurons.
Academic Article Repeat I of the dihydropyridine receptor is critical in determining calcium channel activation kinetics.
Academic Article Tagging with green fluorescent protein reveals a distinct subcellular distribution of L-type and non-L-type Ca2+ channels expressed in dysgenic myotubes.
Academic Article Rem inhibits skeletal muscle EC coupling by reducing the number of functional L-type Ca2+ channels.
Academic Article Ryanodine modification of RyR1 retrogradely affects L-type Ca(2+) channel gating in skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Effect of postnatal development on calcium currents and slow charge movement in mammalian skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Apical localization of K+ channels in taste cells provides the basis for sour taste transduction.
Academic Article Role of calcium permeation in dihydropyridine receptor function. Insights into channel gating and excitation-contraction coupling.
Academic Article A malignant hyperthermia-inducing mutation in RYR1 (R163C): consequent alterations in the functional properties of DHPR channels.
Academic Article Development alters the expression of calcium currents in chick limb motoneurons.
Academic Article Na channels in skeletal muscle concentrated near the neuromuscular junction.
Academic Article Properties of Na+ currents conducted by a skeletal muscle L-type Ca2+ channel pore mutant (SkEIIIK).
Academic Article Ca(V)1.1: The atypical prototypical voltage-gated Ca²? channel.
Academic Article Impaired gating of an L-Type Ca(2+) channel carrying a mutation linked to malignant hyperthermia.
Academic Article Calcium currents in a fast-twitch skeletal muscle of the rat.
Academic Article Heterologous expression of BI Ca2+ channels in dysgenic skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Ca2+ current activation rate correlates with alpha 1 subunit density.
Academic Article Potentiated L-type Ca2+ channels rectify.
Academic Article A lethal mutation in mice eliminates the slow calcium current in skeletal muscle cells.
Academic Article Alpha2delta1 dihydropyridine receptor subunit is a critical element for excitation-coupled calcium entry but not for formation of tetrads in skeletal myotubes.
Academic Article Na channel distribution in vertebrate skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Calcium currents in embryonic and neonatal mammalian skeletal muscle.
Concept Ion Channel Gating
Concept Ion Channels
Academic Article Calcium channel splicing: mind your Ps and Qs.
Academic Article Apparent lack of physical or functional interaction between CaV1.1 and its distal C terminus.
Grant 2009 GRC Muscle: Excitation/Contraction Coupling
Grant Structural and Functional Interactions within the Neuronal ER/PM Junction

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