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Academic Article Slow charge movement in mammalian skeletal muscle.
Academic Article The influence of transverse tubular delays on the kinetics of charge movement in mammalian skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Measurement of calcium transients and slow calcium current in myotubes.
Academic Article Relationship of calcium transients to calcium currents and charge movements in myotubes expressing skeletal and cardiac dihydropyridine receptors.
Academic Article Characterization of voltage-dependent calcium currents in mouse motoneurons.
Academic Article Adenosine acting at an A1 receptor decreases N-type calcium current in mouse motoneurons.
Academic Article Function of a truncated dihydropyridine receptor as both voltage sensor and calcium channel.
Academic Article Charge movement in a fast twitch skeletal muscle from rat.
Academic Article Functional and structural approaches to the study of excitation-contraction coupling.
Academic Article Low serum promotes maturation of excitation-contraction coupling in myotubes.
Academic Article Calcium channelopathies.
Academic Article Unitary behavior of skeletal, cardiac, and chimeric L-type Ca2+ channels expressed in dysgenic myotubes.
Academic Article Potentiation of the cardiac L-type Ca(2+) channel (alpha(1C)) by dihydropyridine agonist and strong depolarization occur via distinct mechanisms.
Academic Article Cardiac-type excitation-contraction coupling in dysgenic skeletal muscle injected with cardiac dihydropyridine receptor cDNA.
Academic Article Effect of postnatal development on calcium currents and slow charge movement in mammalian skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Role of calcium permeation in dihydropyridine receptor function. Insights into channel gating and excitation-contraction coupling.
Academic Article Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) indicates that association with the type I ryanodine receptor (RyR1) causes reorientation of multiple cytoplasmic domains of the dihydropyridine receptor (DHPR) a(1S) subunit.
Academic Article Single calcium channel behavior in native skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Developmental expression of voltage-dependent calcium currents in identified mouse motoneurons.
Academic Article Ryanodine receptor type 1 (RyR1) mutations C4958S and C4961S reveal excitation-coupled calcium entry (ECCE) is independent of sarcoplasmic reticulum store depletion.
Academic Article Structure and targeting of RyR1: implications from fusion of green fluorescent protein at the amino-terminal.
Academic Article Potentiated L-type Ca2+ channels rectify.
Academic Article Molecular insights into excitation-contraction coupling.
Academic Article Calcium currents in embryonic and neonatal mammalian skeletal muscle.
Concept Electrophysiology
Grant Structural and Functional Interactions within the Neuronal ER/PM Junction

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