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Academic Article Inactivation of DNA polymerase alpha-primase by acrolein: loss of activity depends on the DNA substrate.
Academic Article Mechanism of calf thymus DNA primase: slow initiation, rapid polymerization, and intelligent termination.
Academic Article Acyclic guanosine analogs inhibit DNA polymerases alpha, delta, and epsilon with very different potencies and have unique mechanisms of action.
Academic Article Interactions of calf thymus DNA polymerase alpha with primer/templates.
Academic Article Arabinofuranosyl nucleotides are not chain-terminators during initiation of new strands of DNA by DNA polymerase alpha-primase.
Academic Article 3'-Azidothymidine (zidovudine) inhibits glycosylation and dramatically alters glycosphingolipid synthesis in whole cells at clinically relevant concentrations.
Academic Article Interactions of DNA with human DNA primase monitored with photoactivatable cross-linking agents: implications for the role of the p58 subunit.
Academic Article Inhibition of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine import into Golgi membranes by nucleoside monophosphates.
Academic Article Eucaryotic DNA primase does not prefer to synthesize primers at pyrimidine rich DNA sequences when nucleoside triphosphates are present at concentrations found in whole cells.
Academic Article Mechanism of DNA polymerase alpha inhibition by aphidicolin.
Academic Article Mechanism of DNA replication fidelity for three mutants of DNA polymerase I: Klenow fragment KF(exo+), KF(polA5), and KF(exo-).
Academic Article Human DNA polymerase alpha uses a combination of positive and negative selectivity to polymerize purine dNTPs with high fidelity.
Academic Article Role of the 2-amino group of purines during dNTP polymerization by human DNA polymerase alpha.
Academic Article DNA primase. Processivity and the primase to polymerase alpha activity switch.
Academic Article The p58 subunit of human DNA primase is important for primer initiation, elongation, and counting.
Academic Article 3'-Azido-3'-deoxythymidine potently inhibits protein glycosylation. A novel mechanism for AZT cytotoxicity.
Academic Article DNA polymerase epsilon: aphidicolin inhibition and the relationship between polymerase and exonuclease activity.
Academic Article Synthesis of nucleotide analogues that potently and selectively inhibit human DNA primase.
Academic Article Real-time quantification of RNA polymerase activity using a "broken beacon".
Academic Article Mechanisms by which human DNA primase chooses to polymerize a nucleoside triphosphate.
Academic Article Incorporation of the fluorescent ribonucleotide analogue tCTP by T7 RNA polymerase.
Academic Article Kinetic and structural investigations of the replicative fidelity of the Klenow fragment.
Academic Article Fe-S centers in lactyl-CoA dehydratase.
Academic Article Kinetic mechanism whereby DNA polymerase I (Klenow) replicates DNA with high fidelity.
Academic Article Kinetic mechanism of DNA polymerase I (Klenow).
Concept Kinetics
Academic Article Effects of Acyclovir, Foscarnet, and Ribonucleotides on Herpes Simplex Virus-1 DNA Polymerase: Mechanistic Insights and a Novel Mechanism for Preventing Stable Incorporation of Ribonucleotides into DNA.

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