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Academic Article Inactivation of DNA polymerase alpha-primase by acrolein: loss of activity depends on the DNA substrate.
Academic Article Calf thymus DNA polymerase alpha-primase: "communication" and primer-template movement between the two active sites.
Academic Article Arabinofuranosyl nucleotides are not chain-terminators during initiation of new strands of DNA by DNA polymerase alpha-primase.
Academic Article 3'-Azidothymidine (zidovudine) inhibits glycosylation and dramatically alters glycosphingolipid synthesis in whole cells at clinically relevant concentrations.
Academic Article Facile polymerization of dNTPs bearing unnatural base analogues by DNA polymerase alpha and Klenow fragment (DNA polymerase I).
Academic Article Mechanism of DNA polymerase alpha inhibition by aphidicolin.
Academic Article Mechanism of DNA replication fidelity for three mutants of DNA polymerase I: Klenow fragment KF(exo+), KF(polA5), and KF(exo-).
Academic Article Human DNA polymerase alpha uses a combination of positive and negative selectivity to polymerize purine dNTPs with high fidelity.
Academic Article The energetic difference between synthesis of correct and incorrect base pairs accounts for highly accurate DNA replication.
Academic Article Herpes simplex virus-1 primase: a polymerase with extraordinarily low fidelity.
Academic Article Misincorporation of nucleotides by calf thymus DNA primase and elongation of primers containing multiple noncognate nucleotides by DNA polymerase alpha.
Academic Article Inhibition of DNA primase and polymerase alpha by arabinofuranosylnucleoside triphosphates and related compounds.
Academic Article Inhibition of DNA primase by 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosyladenosine triphosphate.
Academic Article Identifying the features of purine dNTPs that allow accurate and efficient DNA replication by herpes simplex virus I DNA polymerase.
Academic Article Coordinated leading and lagging strand DNA synthesis by using the herpes simplex virus 1 replication complex and minicircle DNA templates.
Academic Article B family DNA polymerases asymmetrically recognize pyrimidines and purines.
Academic Article Kinetic mechanism whereby DNA polymerase I (Klenow) replicates DNA with high fidelity.
Concept DNA Replication
Academic Article The DNA helicase-primase complex as a target for herpes viral infection.
Grant Mechanism of Herpes DNA Replication
Grant Mechanism and Inhibition of Herpes Replication
Grant Interaction of DNA Polymerase alpha with Novel Base-Pairs
Grant Mechanism of DNA Polymerase Alpha-Primase
Academic Article Protein Displacement by Herpes Helicase-Primase and the Key Role of UL42 during Helicase-Coupled DNA Synthesis by the Herpes Polymerase.

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