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Academic Article InsP3 causes an increase in apical [Ca2+]i by activating two distinct current components in vertebrate olfactory receptor cells.
Academic Article IP3- and cAMP-induced responses in isolated olfactory receptor neurons from the channel catfish.
Academic Article Stimulation of olfactory receptors alters regulation of [Cai] in olfactory neurons of the catfish (Ictalurus punctatus).
Academic Article Olfactory neurons exhibit heterogeneity in depolarization-induced calcium changes.
Academic Article Second-order input to the medial amygdala from olfactory sensory neurons expressing the transduction channel TRPM5.
Academic Article Potential role of transient receptor potential channel M5 in sensing putative pheromones in mouse olfactory sensory neurons.
Academic Article Odorant responses of dual polarity are mediated by cAMP in mouse olfactory sensory neurons.
Academic Article Age-associated loss of selectivity in human olfactory sensory neurons.
Concept Sensory Receptor Cells
Academic Article Ca2+-activated Cl- channels of the ClCa family express in the cilia of a subset of rat olfactory sensory neurons.
Academic Article Coding odor identity and odor value in awake rodents.
Academic Article Super-resolution imaging of ciliary microdomains in isolated olfactory sensory neurons using a custom two-color stimulated emission depletion microscope.
Grant Learning in the main olfactory bulb
Grant Multiple Mechanisms of Nasal Chemoreception
Grant Olfactory receptors for semiochemical detection in the main olfactory epithelium
Grant Signal transduction in TRPM5-expressing olfactory sensory neurons
Academic Article A CLCA regulatory protein present in the chemosensory cilia of olfactory sensory neurons induces a Ca2+-activated Cl- current when transfected into HEK293.

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