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Academic Article The potential dependence of the intestinal Na+-dependent sugar transporter.
Academic Article Rapid kinetic measurements of second messenger formation in olfactory cilia from channel catfish.
Academic Article Evidence for an InsP3-gated channel protein in isolated rat olfactory cilia.
Academic Article InsP3-gated ion channels in rat olfactory cilia membrane.
Academic Article Transduction mechanisms in vertebrate olfactory receptor cells.
Academic Article Expression of connexin 45 in the olfactory system.
Academic Article Stimulation of olfactory receptors alters regulation of [Cai] in olfactory neurons of the catfish (Ictalurus punctatus).
Academic Article TRPM5-expressing solitary chemosensory cells respond to odorous irritants.
Academic Article BDNF promoter-mediated beta-galactosidase expression in the olfactory epithelium and bulb.
Academic Article Olfactory neuron-specific expression of NeuroD in mouse and human nasal mucosa.
Academic Article Microvillous cells expressing IP3 receptor type 3 in the olfactory epithelium of mice.
Academic Article Characteristics of odorant elicited calcium changes in cultured human olfactory neurons.
Academic Article NADPH diaphorase staining suggests localization of nitric oxide synthase within mature vertebrate olfactory neurons.
Academic Article Odors detected by mice deficient in cyclic nucleotide-gated channel subunit A2 stimulate the main olfactory system.
Academic Article Heterogeneous expression of connexin 36 in the olfactory epithelium and glomerular layer of the olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Emerging views on the distinct but related roles of the main and accessory olfactory systems in responsiveness to chemosensory signals in mice.
Academic Article Ultrastructural localization of connexins (Cx36, Cx43, Cx45), glutamate receptors and aquaporin-4 in rodent olfactory mucosa, olfactory nerve and olfactory bulb.
Academic Article TRPM5-expressing microvillous cells in the main olfactory epithelium.
Academic Article Accessory olfactory bulb function is modulated by input from the main olfactory epithelium.
Academic Article General olfactory sensitivity database (GOSdb): candidate genes and their genomic variations.
Academic Article Age-associated loss of selectivity in human olfactory sensory neurons.
Concept Intestinal Mucosa
Concept Nasal Mucosa
Concept Olfactory Mucosa
Concept Respiratory Mucosa
Academic Article Ca2+-activated Cl- channels of the ClCa family express in the cilia of a subset of rat olfactory sensory neurons.
Academic Article Transduction for pheromones in the main olfactory epithelium is mediated by the Ca2+ -activated channel TRPM5.
Academic Article The human olfactory transcriptome.
Academic Article Differential Expression of Mucins in Murine Olfactory Versus Respiratory Epithelium.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling reveals potential involvement of microvillous TRPM5-expressing cells in viral infection of the olfactory epithelium.

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