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Academic Article Mature olfactory receptor neurons express connexin 43.
Academic Article Expression of connexin 45 in the olfactory system.
Academic Article Adrenergic modulation of olfactory bulb circuitry affects odor discrimination.
Academic Article TRPM5-expressing solitary chemosensory cells respond to odorous irritants.
Academic Article Sensory-dependent asymmetry for a urine-responsive olfactory bulb glomerulus.
Academic Article Microvillous cells expressing IP3 receptor type 3 in the olfactory epithelium of mice.
Academic Article Variability of position of the P2 glomerulus within a map of the mouse olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Second-order input to the medial amygdala from olfactory sensory neurons expressing the transduction channel TRPM5.
Academic Article Odorant responses of dual polarity are mediated by cAMP in mouse olfactory sensory neurons.
Academic Article Simultaneous activation of mouse main and accessory olfactory bulbs by odors or pheromones.
Academic Article Heterogeneous expression of connexin 36 in the olfactory epithelium and glomerular layer of the olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Ultrastructural localization of connexins (Cx36, Cx43, Cx45), glutamate receptors and aquaporin-4 in rodent olfactory mucosa, olfactory nerve and olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Evidence for two populations of bitter responsive taste cells in mice.
Academic Article TRPM5-expressing microvillous cells in the main olfactory epithelium.
Academic Article Disorganized olfactory bulb lamination in mice deficient for transcription factor AP-2epsilon.
Academic Article Accessory olfactory bulb function is modulated by input from the main olfactory epithelium.
Academic Article Olfactory discrimination varies in mice with different levels of a7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression.
Academic Article Galantamine improves olfactory learning in the Ts65Dn mouse model of Down syndrome.
Concept Mice, Inbred C57BL
Academic Article Information for decision-making and stimulus identification is multiplexed in sensory cortex.
Academic Article Transduction for pheromones in the main olfactory epithelium is mediated by the Ca2+ -activated channel TRPM5.
Academic Article Precise detection of direct glomerular input duration by the olfactory bulb.
Academic Article ? spike-field coherence in a population of olfactory bulb neurons differentiates between odors irrespective of associated outcome.
Academic Article Behavioral Status Influences the Dependence of Odorant-Induced Change in Firing on Prestimulus Firing Rate.
Academic Article Differential Expression of Mucins in Murine Olfactory Versus Respiratory Epithelium.
Academic Article Learning improves decoding of odor identity with phase-referenced oscillations in the olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Molecular layer interneurons in the cerebellum encode for valence in associative learning.
Academic Article Transcriptional profiling reveals potential involvement of microvillous TRPM5-expressing cells in viral infection of the olfactory epithelium.

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