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Academic Article Topographical and temporal patterns of brain activity during the transition from wakefulness to sleep.
Academic Article Combination of bright light and caffeine as a countermeasure for impaired alertness and performance during extended sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Relationship between alertness, performance, and body temperature in humans.
Academic Article Intrinsic period and light intensity determine the phase relationship between melatonin and sleep in humans.
Academic Article Effects of sleep inertia on cognition.
Academic Article Sleep and wakefulness out of phase with internal biological time impairs learning in humans.
Academic Article Comparison of sustained attention assessed by auditory and visual psychomotor vigilance tasks prior to and during sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Sleep reactivity and insomnia: genetic and environmental influences.
Academic Article Circadian and wakefulness-sleep modulation of cognition in humans.
Academic Article Shift work and the assessment and management of shift work disorder (SWD).
Academic Article The influence of subjective alertness and motivation on human performance independent of circadian and homeostatic regulation.
Academic Article Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs affect normal sleep patterns in humans.
Academic Article Inter- and intra-individual variability in performance near the circadian nadir during sleep deprivation.
Academic Article Addition of a non-photic component to a light-based mathematical model of the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Effect of modafinil on impairments in neurobehavioral performance and learning associated with extended wakefulness and circadian misalignment.
Academic Article Energy expenditure during sleep, sleep deprivation and sleep following sleep deprivation in adult humans.
Concept Wakefulness
Academic Article Effects of caffeine on skin and core temperatures, alertness, and recovery sleep during circadian misalignment.
Academic Article Impact of circadian misalignment on energy metabolism during simulated nightshift work.
Academic Article Sleep inertia, sleep homeostatic and circadian influences on higher-order cognitive functions.
Academic Article Morning Circadian Misalignment during Short Sleep Duration Impacts Insulin Sensitivity.
Academic Article Impact of sleep inertia on visual selective attention for rare targets and the influence of chronotype.
Grant Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Inflammatory Markers
Academic Article Mistimed food intake and sleep alters 24-hour time-of-day patterns of the human plasma proteome.
Academic Article Morning Circadian Misalignment Is Associated With Insulin Resistance in Girls With Obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
Academic Article Trait-like vulnerability of higher-order cognition and ability to maintain wakefulness during combined sleep restriction and circadian misalignment.
Academic Article Cognitive Impairments during the Transition to Working at Night and on Subsequent Night Shifts.
Academic Article Early Morning Food Intake as a Risk Factor for Metabolic Dysregulation.

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