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Academic Article Introduction of magnetoencephalography to stereotactic techniques.
Academic Article The interactive use of magnetoencephalography in stereotactic image-guided neurosurgery.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalographic mapping: basic of a new functional risk profile in the selection of patients with cortical brain lesions.
Academic Article Functional imaging of plastic changes in the human brain.
Academic Article Interactive use of cerebral angiography and magnetoencephalography in arteriovenous malformations: technical note.
Academic Article Neuropsychiatric thalamocortical dysrhythmia: surgical implications.
Academic Article Language-related brain activity revealed by independent component analysis.
Academic Article Cortical source estimates of gamma band amplitude and phase are different in schizophrenia.
Academic Article An extended motor network generates beta and gamma oscillatory perturbations during development.
Academic Article Residual cerebral activity and behavioural fragments can remain in the persistently vegetative brain.
Academic Article Thalamocortical dysrhythmia: A neurological and neuropsychiatric syndrome characterized by magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Abnormal gamma and beta MEG activity during finger movements in early-onset psychosis.
Concept Magnetoencephalography
Academic Article Auditory entrainment of motor responses in older adults with and without Parkinson's disease: An MEG study.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalography for Epilepsy Presurgical Evaluation.

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