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Academic Article Dynamics and multiple stable binding modes of DNA intercalators revealed by single-molecule force spectroscopy.
Academic Article Ultrastable atomic force microscopy: atomic-scale stability and registration in ambient conditions.
Academic Article Label-free optical imaging of membrane patches for atomic force microscopy.
Academic Article Routine and timely sub-picoNewton force stability and precision for biological applications of atomic force microscopy.
Academic Article Atomic force microscopy with sub-picoNewton force stability for biological applications.
Concept Microscopy, Atomic Force
Academic Article Ultrastable atomic force microscopy: improved force and positional stability.
Academic Article Direct Observation of the Reversible Two-State Unfolding and Refolding of an a/? Protein by Single-Molecule Atomic Force Microscopy.
Academic Article Optimizing 1-?s-Resolution Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy on a Commercial Atomic Force Microscope.
Academic Article Optimizing force spectroscopy by modifying commercial cantilevers: Improved stability, precision, and temporal resolution.
Academic Article Improved Force Spectroscopy Using Focused-Ion-Beam-Modified Cantilevers.
Academic Article Hidden dynamics in the unfolding of individual bacteriorhodopsin proteins.
Grant Molecular characterization of cardiomyopathy mutations in human cardiac myosin
Academic Article Rapid Characterization of a Mechanically Labile a-Helical Protein Enabled by Efficient Site-Specific Bioconjugation.
Academic Article Improved Free-Energy Landscape Quantification Illustrated with a Computationally Designed Protein-Ligand Interaction.
Academic Article Going Vertical To Improve the Accuracy of Atomic Force Microscopy Based Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy.
Academic Article Improved free-energy landscape reconstruction of bacteriorhodopsin highlights local variations in unfolding energy.
Academic Article High-Precision Single-Molecule Characterization of the Folding of an HIV RNA Hairpin by Atomic Force Microscopy.
Academic Article Imaging DNA Equilibrated onto Mica in Liquid Using Biochemically Relevant Deposition Conditions.
Academic Article Membrane-Protein Unfolding Intermediates Detected with Enhanced Precision Using a Zigzag Force Ramp.
Academic Article Bending and looping of long DNA by Polycomb repressive complex 2 revealed by AFM imaging in liquid.
Academic Article Quantifying the Native Energetics Stabilizing Bacteriorhodopsin by Single-Molecule Force Spectroscopy.
Academic Article Free-energy changes of bacteriorhodopsin point mutants measured by single-molecule force spectroscopy.
Academic Article Modulation of a protein-folding landscape revealed by AFM-based force spectroscopy notwithstanding instrumental limitations.
Academic Article Type III secretion system effector proteins are mechanically labile.

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