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Academic Article A Rab11/Rip11 protein complex regulates apical membrane trafficking via recycling endosomes.
Academic Article Arfophilins are dual Arf/Rab 11 binding proteins that regulate recycling endosome distribution and are related to Drosophila nuclear fallout.
Academic Article Role of endosomal Rab GTPases in cytokinesis.
Academic Article Sequential Cyk-4 binding to ECT2 and FIP3 regulates cleavage furrow ingression and abscission during cytokinesis.
Academic Article Arf GTPase-activating protein ASAP1 interacts with Rab11 effector FIP3 and regulates pericentrosomal localization of transferrin receptor-positive recycling endosome.
Academic Article Ciliary targeting motif VxPx directs assembly of a trafficking module through Arf4.
Academic Article Polarized endocytic transport: the roles of Rab11 and Rab11-FIPs in regulating cell polarity.
Academic Article Identification of a novel Rab11/25 binding domain present in Eferin and Rip proteins.
Academic Article Formation of mutually exclusive Rab11 complexes with members of the family of Rab11-interacting proteins regulates Rab11 endocytic targeting and function.
Academic Article Membrane dynamics during cytokinesis.
Academic Article Molecular characterization of Rab11 interactions with members of the family of Rab11-interacting proteins.
Academic Article The FIP3-Rab11 protein complex regulates recycling endosome targeting to the cleavage furrow during late cytokinesis.
Academic Article Rab11-FIP3 and FIP4 interact with Arf6 and the exocyst to control membrane traffic in cytokinesis.
Academic Article Structural basis for Rab11-mediated recruitment of FIP3 to recycling endosomes.
Academic Article Rabs, Rips, FIPs, and endocytic membrane traffic.
Academic Article The RCP-Rab11 complex regulates endocytic protein sorting.
Academic Article Class I FIPs, Rab11-binding proteins that regulate endocytic sorting and recycling.
Academic Article ACRP30 is secreted from 3T3-L1 adipocytes via a Rab11-dependent pathway.
Academic Article Identification of Rab11 as a small GTPase binding protein for the Evi5 oncogene.
Academic Article Rab11-FIP3 is a Rab11-binding protein that regulates breast cancer cell motility by modulating the actin cytoskeleton.
Academic Article FIP1/RCP binding to Golgin-97 regulates retrograde transport from recycling endosomes to the trans-Golgi network.
Academic Article Transport at the recycling endosome.
Academic Article Actin regulation during abscission: unexpected roles of Rab35 and endocytic transport.
Concept rab GTP-Binding Proteins
Academic Article Rab40b regulates trafficking of MMP2 and MMP9 during invadopodia formation and invasion of breast cancer cells.
Academic Article 3D time-lapse analysis of Rab11/FIP5 complex: spatiotemporal dynamics during apical lumen formation.
Academic Article Slitrk5 Mediates BDNF-Dependent TrkB Receptor Trafficking and Signaling.
Academic Article Analyzing the functions of Rab11-effector proteins during cell division.
Academic Article The role and regulation of Rab40b-Tks5 complex during invadopodia formation and cancer cell invasion.
Academic Article Rab GTPases and cell division.
Academic Article Novel Regulation of Integrin Trafficking by Rab11-FIP5 in Aggressive Prostate Cancer.
Academic Article The Rab11 effectors Fip5 and Fip1 regulate zebrafish intestinal development.
Academic Article Rab14/MACF2 complex regulates endosomal targeting during cytokinesis.
Academic Article RAB19 Directs Cortical Remodeling and Membrane Growth for Primary Ciliogenesis.

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