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Academic Article Positive influence of AP-2alpha transcription factor on cadherin gene expression and differentiation of the ocular surface.
Academic Article Transcription Factors Pax6 and AP-2alpha Interact To Coordinate Corneal Epithelial Repair by Controlling Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase Gelatinase B.
Academic Article Loss of AP-2alpha impacts multiple aspects of ventral body wall development and closure.
Academic Article Wnt1-Cre-mediated deletion of AP-2alpha causes multiple neural crest-related defects.
Academic Article Transcription factor AP-2gamma is essential in the extra-embryonic lineages for early postimplantation development.
Academic Article Cloning and characterization of the mouse AP-2 epsilon gene: a novel family member expressed in the developing olfactory bulb.
Academic Article Hypermethylation of a small CpGuanine-rich region correlates with loss of activator protein-2alpha expression during progression of breast cancer.
Academic Article An ENU-induced mutation in AP-2alpha leads to middle ear and ocular defects in Doarad mice.
Academic Article Requirement for AP-2alpha in cardiac outflow tract morphogenesis.
Academic Article Suppression of invasion and peritoneal carcinomatosis of ovarian cancer cells by overexpression of AP-2alpha.
Concept DNA-Binding Proteins
Academic Article Analysis of TFAP2A mutations in Branchio-Oculo-Facial Syndrome indicates functional complexity within the AP-2a DNA-binding domain.
Academic Article Overexpression of transcription factor AP-2alpha suppresses mammary gland growth and morphogenesis.
Academic Article Redistribution of transcription factor AP-2alpha in differentiating cultured human epidermal cells.
Academic Article Expression pattern of AP-2 transcription factors in cervical cancer cells and analysis of their influence on human papillomavirus oncogene transcription.
Academic Article Activator protein-2 mediates transcriptional activation of the CYP11A1 gene by interaction with Sp1 rather than binding to DNA.
Academic Article SELEX and missing phosphate contact analyses reveal flexibility within the AP-2[alpha] protein: DNA binding complex.
Academic Article AP-2alpha transcription factor is required for early morphogenesis of the lens vesicle.
Academic Article Expression of AP-2 transcription factors in human breast cancer correlates with the regulation of multiple growth factor signalling pathways.
Academic Article AP-2-null cells disrupt morphogenesis of the eye, face, and limbs in chimeric mice.
Academic Article Chicken transcription factor AP-2: cloning, expression and its role in outgrowth of facial prominences and limb buds.
Academic Article Regulation of the human chorionic gonadotropin alpha- and beta-subunit promoters by AP-2.
Academic Article A family of AP-2 proteins regulates c-erbB-2 expression in mammary carcinoma.
Academic Article Comparative and functional analysis of the AP2 promoter indicates that conserved octamer and initiator elements are critical for activity.
Academic Article Chromosomal mapping of the human and mouse homologues of two new members of the AP-2 family of transcription factors.
Academic Article Neural tube, skeletal and body wall defects in mice lacking transcription factor AP-2.
Academic Article Repression of a matrix metalloprotease gene by E1A correlates with its ability to bind to cell type-specific transcription factor AP-2.
Academic Article Physical and genetic localization of the gene encoding the AP-2 transcription factor to mouse chromosome 13.
Academic Article The developmentally regulated transcription factor AP-2 is involved in c-erbB-2 overexpression in human mammary carcinoma.
Academic Article The 5' enhancer of the mouse mammary tumor virus long terminal repeat contains a functional AP-2 element.
Academic Article Sequence specific protein binding to and activation of the TGF-beta 3 promoter through a repeated TCCC motif.
Academic Article Analysis of the DNA-binding and activation properties of the human transcription factor AP-2.
Academic Article Characterization of a dimerization motif in AP-2 and its function in heterologous DNA-binding proteins.
Academic Article Regulation of transcription factor AP-2 by the morphogen retinoic acid and by second messengers.
Academic Article Cloning and expression of AP-2, a cell-type-specific transcription factor that activates inducible enhancer elements.
Academic Article The TFAP2A-IRF6-GRHL3 genetic pathway is conserved in neurulation.
Academic Article Ep400 deficiency in Schwann cells causes persistent expression of early developmental regulators and peripheral neuropathy.

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