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Academic Article Strained-layer van der Waals epitaxy in a Langmuir-Blodgett film.
Academic Article DNA hybridization-induced reorientation of liquid crystal anchoring at the nematic liquid crystal/aqueous interface.
Academic Article Single-molecule resolution of interfacial fibrinogen behavior: effects of oligomer populations and surface chemistry.
Academic Article Apparent activation energies associated with protein dynamics on hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces.
Academic Article Distinguishing positional uncertainty from true mobility in single-molecule trajectories that exhibit multiple diffusive modes.
Academic Article Calcium-induced changes to the molecular conformation and aggregate structure of beta-casein at the air-water interface.
Academic Article Probing hydrophobic interactions using trajectories of amphiphilic molecules at a hydrophobic/water interface.
Academic Article Fatty-acid monolayers at the nematic/water interface: phases and liquid-crystal alignment.
Academic Article Solvent dependence of the activation energy of attachment determined by single molecule observations of surfactant adsorption.
Academic Article Hydrophobic interaction microscopy: mapping the solid/ liquid interface using amphiphilic probe molecules.
Academic Article Adsorption of oxygenates on alkanethiol-functionalized Pd(111) surfaces: mechanistic insights into the role of self-assembled monolayers on catalysis.
Academic Article Excipient effects on humanized monoclonal antibody interactions with silicone oil emulsions.
Concept Adsorption
Academic Article Single-molecule resolution of protein structure and interfacial dynamics on biomaterial surfaces.
Academic Article Single-molecule tracking of polymer surface diffusion.
Academic Article Mechanisms of surface-mediated DNA hybridization.
Academic Article A bottom-up approach to understanding protein layer formation at solid-liquid interfaces.
Academic Article Single-molecule resolution of protein dynamics on polymeric membrane surfaces: the roles of spatial and population heterogeneity.
Academic Article Capturing Conformation-Dependent Molecule-Surface Interactions When Surface Chemistry Is Heterogeneous.
Academic Article Electrostatic Interactions Influence Protein Adsorption (but Not Desorption) at the Silica-Aqueous Interface.
Academic Article Influence of Protein Surface Coverage on Anomalously Strong Adsorption Sites.
Academic Article Surface-Mediated Protein Unfolding as a Search Process for Denaturing Sites.
Academic Article Dense Poly(ethylene glycol) Brushes Reduce Adsorption and Stabilize the Unfolded Conformation of Fibronectin.
Grant Effects of Vicinal Surface Chemistry on DNA Base-Pairing using Single-Molecule RE
Grant Tools to Connect Protein Conformations, Dynamics, and Associations
Academic Article Nanoconfinement and Sansetsukon-like Nanocrawling Govern Fibrinogen Dynamics and Self-Assembly on Nanostructured Polymeric Surfaces.
Academic Article Surface-Templated Nanobubbles Protect Proteins from Surface-Mediated Denaturation.
Academic Article Influence of Oligonucleotide Grafting Density on Surface-Mediated DNA Transport and Hybridization.
Academic Article Interplay of electrostatic repulsion and surface grafting density on surface-mediated DNA hybridization.
Academic Article Probing surface-adsorbate interactions through active particle dynamics.

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