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Academic Article Carbon dioxide laser stapedotomy. Thermal effects in the vestibule.
Academic Article Sensorineural hearing loss associated with ulcerative colitis. A case report.
Academic Article Progressive hearing loss after transverse temporal bone fracture.
Academic Article Speech perception and production in children wearing a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the opposite ear.
Academic Article Disability in MeniƩre's disease.
Academic Article Intralabyrinthine schwannoma.
Academic Article Iron deficiency anemia and hearing.
Academic Article Intact acoustic reflexes in the presence of ossicular disruption.
Academic Article Development of a new outcomes instrument for conductive hearing loss.
Academic Article Oscillopsia and vertical eye movements in Tullio's phenomenon.
Academic Article Hearing preservation in conservation surgery for vestibular schwannoma.
Academic Article Hearing preservation in acoustic neuroma surgery.
Academic Article Vestibular testing in hearing loss.
Academic Article The spectrum of audiologic and vestibular findings in patients with Meniere's disease.
Academic Article Intraoperative ossicular loading with the Otologics fully implantable hearing device.
Academic Article The diagnostic dilemma of otosyphilis. A new western blot assay.
Academic Article Intraoperative adjustments to optimize active middle ear implant performance.
Academic Article Outcomes and quality of life in conductive hearing loss.
Academic Article Speech perception comparisons using an implanted and an external microphone in existing cochlear implant users.
Academic Article Sudden sensorineural hearing loss as a presentation of multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Stapedectomy trends for the resident.
Academic Article Migraine and sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
Academic Article Prospective study of resident-performed stapedectomy.
Academic Article Histopathology of temporal bone fractures: implications for cochlear implantation.
Academic Article Temporal bone histopathology of a patient with a nucleus 22-channel cochlear implant.
Academic Article Otologics Middle Ear Transducer Ossicular Stimulator: performance results with varying degrees of sensorineural hearing loss.
Academic Article U.S. Phase I preliminary results of use of the Otologics MET Fully-Implantable Ossicular Stimulator.
Academic Article Otologics fully implantable hearing system: Phase I trial 1-year results.
Academic Article Electrocochleographic and mechanical assessment of round window stimulation with an active middle ear prosthesis.
Academic Article Longitudinal infant speech perception in young cochlear implant users.
Academic Article Techniques to improve the efficiency of a middle ear implant: effect of different methods of coupling to the ossicular chain.
Academic Article Hereditary congenital cholesteatoma. A variant of branchio-oto dysplasia.
Concept Hearing Loss
Concept Hearing Loss, Mixed Conductive-Sensorineural
Concept Hearing Tests
Concept Hearing Loss, Bilateral
Concept Hearing Loss, Sudden
Concept Hearing
Concept Hearing Disorders
Concept Hearing Loss, Sensorineural
Concept Hearing Loss, Conductive
Concept Hearing Aids
Academic Article Vibromechanical assessment of active middle ear implant stimulation in simulated middle ear effusion: a temporal bone study.
Academic Article Otologics active middle ear implants.
Academic Article Retained dental needle migration across the skull base to the cochlea presenting as hearing loss.
Academic Article Sound location modulation of electrocochleographic responses in chinchilla with single-sided deafness and fitted with an osseointegrated bone-conducting hearing prosthesis.
Academic Article Effects of Skin Thickness on Cochlear Input Signal Using Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implants.
Academic Article Cochlear Implant Electrode Effect on Sound Energy Transfer Within the Cochlea During Acoustic Stimulation.
Academic Article Long-Term Outcome Data in Patients following One Year's Use of a Fully Implantable Active Middle Ear Implant.
Academic Article A Preliminary Investigation of the Air-Bone Gap: Changes in Intracochlear Sound Pressure With Air- and Bone-conducted Stimuli After Cochlear Implantation.
Academic Article Stapes displacement and intracochlear pressure in response to very high level, low frequency sounds.
Grant Institutional Training in Otolaryngology Research
Academic Article Polyarteritis nodosa as a cause of sudden deafness. A human temporal bone study.
Academic Article Intracochlear Pressures in Simulated Otitis Media With Effusion: A Temporal Bone Study.
Academic Article Air- and Bone-Conducted Sources of Feedback With an Active Middle Ear Implant.
Academic Article A Comparison of Intracochlear Pressures During Ipsilateral and Contralateral Stimulation With a Bone Conduction Implant.
Academic Article Implantable Hearing Aids: Where are we in 2020?

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