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Academic Article 4-n,n-dialkylaminophenethanols, -alkanoic acids and esters: new accelerators for dental composites.
Academic Article Synthesis and evaluation of novel multifunctional oligomers for dentistry.
Academic Article Synthesis and evaluation of new oxaspiro monomers for double ring-opening polymerization.
Academic Article Curing dental resins and composites by photopolymerization.
Academic Article Conversion-dependent shrinkage stress and strain in dental resins and composites.
Academic Article Synthesis and photopolymerization of low shrinkage methacrylate monomers containing bulky substituent groups.
Academic Article Evaluation of highly reactive mono-methacrylates as reactive diluents for BisGMA-based dental composites.
Academic Article Dental resins based on dimer acid dimethacrylates: a route to high conversion with low polymerization shrinkage.
Academic Article The effect of cure rate on the mechanical properties of dental resins.
Academic Article Volumetric contraction and methacrylate conversion in photo-polymerized amorphous calcium phosphate/methacrylate composites.
Academic Article Preparation and characterization of cyclopolymerizable resin formulations.
Academic Article Probing the origins and control of shrinkage stress in dental resin-composites: I. Shrinkage stress characterization technique.
Academic Article Determination of double bond conversion in dental resins by near infrared spectroscopy.
Academic Article Polymer properties on resins composed of UDMA and methacrylates with the carboxyl group.
Academic Article Use of near-IR to monitor the influence of external heating on dental composite photopolymerization.
Academic Article Probing the origins and control of shrinkage stress in dental resin composites. II. Novel method of simultaneous measurement of polymerization shrinkage stress and conversion.
Academic Article Hydrogen bonding interactions in methacrylate monomers and polymers.
Academic Article Alkyl chain length effects on copolymerization kinetics of a monoacrylate with hexanediol diacrylate.
Academic Article Influence of BisGMA, TEGDMA, and BisEMA contents on viscosity, conversion, and flexural strength of experimental resins and composites.
Academic Article Investigation of thiol-ene and thiol-ene-methacrylate based resins as dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Dimethacrylate network formation and polymer property evolution as determined by the selection of monomers and curing conditions.
Academic Article Using hyperbranched oligomer functionalized glass fillers to reduce shrinkage stress.
Concept Polymers
Academic Article Light-activated, in situ forming gel for sustained suprachoroidal delivery of bevacizumab.
Academic Article Property evolution during vitrification of dimethacrylate photopolymer networks.
Academic Article Role of filler and functional group conversion in the evolution of properties in polymeric dental restoratives.
Academic Article Construction of monomer-free, highly crosslinked, water-compatible polymers.
Academic Article Photopolymerizable nanogels as macromolecular precursors to covalently crosslinked water-based networks.
Academic Article 3D printing with polymers: Challenges among expanding options and opportunities.
Academic Article Evaluation and Control of Thiol-ene/Thiol-epoxy Hybrid Networks.
Academic Article Tuning Surface Microstructure and Gradient Property of Polymer by Photopolymerizable Polysiloxane-modified Nanogels.
Academic Article Delayed Gelation Through Chain-Transfer Reactions: Mechanism For Stress Reduction In Methacrylate Networks.
Academic Article Bioactive Polymeric ACP Composites Utilizing Ethyl-a-hydroxymethylacrylate.
Academic Article Photo-Reactive Nanogel as a Means to Tune Properties during Polymer Network Formation.
Academic Article Copolymerization and Dark Polymerization Studies for Photopolymerization of Novel Acrylic Monomers.
Academic Article A new approach to network heterogeneity: Polymerization Induced Phase Separation in photo-initiated, free-radical methacrylic systems.
Academic Article Combined, Independent Small Molecule Release and Shape Memory via Nanogel-Coated Thiourethane Polymer Networks.
Academic Article Modification of linear prepolymers to tailor heterogeneous network formation through photo-initiated Polymerization-Induced Phase Separation.
Grant Monomers and nanogel to improve adhesive resin structural integrity/durability
Grant Applications of Polymerization-induced Phase Separation of Restorative Materials
Grant Cu-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Reactions for Novel Dental Composite Materials
Grant Improved Resin Bonded Dental Restoratives Based on Nanogel-modified Adhesives
Grant Heterogeneous Polymer Matrices from Nanogel Macromers
Grant Application of Nanogel-modified Resins for Improved Polymeric Dental Materials
Grant Novel surface treatment of fillers for dental composites
Academic Article Thiol-functionalized nanogels as reactive plasticizers for crosslinked polymer networks.
Academic Article Water-soluble clickable nucleic acid (CNA) polymer synthesis by functionalizing the pendant hydroxyl.
Academic Article Dental Restorative Materials Based on Thiol-Michael Photopolymerization.
Grant A one-part free radical initiator system to enable visible light-activated polymerization with post-exposure dark cure and extensive, athermal shadow cure behavior
Academic Article Photoreactive nanogels as versatile polymer networks with tunable in situ drug release kinetics.
Academic Article Photopolymerization shrinkage-stress reduction in polymer-based dental restoratives by surface modification of fillers.
Academic Article Suppression of hydrolytic degradation in labile polymer networks via integrated styrenic nanogels.
Academic Article Evaluation of a photo-initiated copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition polymer network with improved water stability and high mechanical performance as an ester-free dental restorative.

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