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Academic Article Intermediate restoratives from n-hexyl vanillate-EBA-ZnO-glass composites.
Academic Article 4-n,n-dialkylaminophenethanols, -alkanoic acids and esters: new accelerators for dental composites.
Academic Article Synthesis and evaluation of novel multifunctional oligomers for dentistry.
Academic Article Dimethacrylate monomers with varied fluorine contents and distributions.
Academic Article Synthesis and evaluation of new oxaspiro monomers for double ring-opening polymerization.
Academic Article Curing dental resins and composites by photopolymerization.
Academic Article Influence of radiant exposure on contraction stress, degree of conversion and mechanical properties of resin composites.
Academic Article Evaluation of highly reactive mono-methacrylates as reactive diluents for BisGMA-based dental composites.
Academic Article Effect of ethyl-alpha-hydroxymethylacrylate on selected properties of copolymers and ACP resin composites.
Academic Article Influence of matrix composition on polymerization stress development of experimental composites.
Academic Article Dental resins based on dimer acid dimethacrylates: a route to high conversion with low polymerization shrinkage.
Academic Article Properties of methacrylate-thiol-ene formulations as dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Self-adhesive resin cements - chemistry, properties and clinical considerations.
Academic Article Volumetric contraction and methacrylate conversion in photo-polymerized amorphous calcium phosphate/methacrylate composites.
Academic Article Evaluation of methylene lactone monomers in dental resins.
Academic Article Probing the origins and control of shrinkage stress in dental resin-composites: I. Shrinkage stress characterization technique.
Academic Article Determination of double bond conversion in dental resins by near infrared spectroscopy.
Academic Article Polymer properties on resins composed of UDMA and methacrylates with the carboxyl group.
Academic Article Use of near-IR to monitor the influence of external heating on dental composite photopolymerization.
Academic Article Impact of curing protocol on conversion and shrinkage stress.
Academic Article Cyclopolymerizable monomers for use in dental resin composites.
Academic Article Influence of BisGMA, TEGDMA, and BisEMA contents on viscosity, conversion, and flexural strength of experimental resins and composites.
Academic Article Control of polymerization shrinkage and stress in nanogel-modified monomer and composite materials.
Academic Article Investigation of thiol-ene and thiol-ene-methacrylate based resins as dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Recent advances and developments in composite dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Thiol-ene-methacrylate composites as dental restorative materials.
Academic Article Dimethacrylate network formation and polymer property evolution as determined by the selection of monomers and curing conditions.
Academic Article Improved dental adhesive formulations based on reactive nanogel additives.
Academic Article Using hyperbranched oligomer functionalized glass fillers to reduce shrinkage stress.
Concept Composite Resins
Academic Article Polymerization development of "low-shrink" resin composites: Reaction kinetics, polymerization stress and quality of network.
Academic Article The role of spacer carbon chain in acidic functional monomers on the physicochemical properties of self-etch dental adhesives.
Academic Article Effect of antioxidants on the dentin interface bond stability of adhesives exposed to hydrolytic degradation.
Academic Article Ester-free thiol-ene dental restoratives--Part B: Composite development.
Academic Article Ester-free thiol-ene dental restoratives--Part A: Resin development.
Academic Article Photopolymerization of highly filled dimethacrylate-based composites using Type I or Type II photoinitiators and varying co-monomer ratios.
Academic Article Reduced shrinkage stress via photo-initiated copper(I)-catalyzed cycloaddition polymerizations of azide-alkyne resins.
Academic Article Shrinkage stress kinetics of Bulk Fill resin-based composites at tooth temperature and long time.
Academic Article Influence of nanogel additive hydrophilicity on dental adhesive mechanical performance and dentin bonding.
Academic Article Kinetics and mechanics of photo-polymerized triazole-containing thermosetting composites via the copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition.
Academic Article Academy of Dental Materials guidance-Resin composites: Part II-Technique sensitivity (handling, polymerization, dimensional changes).
Academic Article Dental Restorative Materials Based on Thiol-Michael Photopolymerization.
Academic Article Modification of filler surface treatment of composite resins using alternative silanes and functional nanogels.
Academic Article Nanogel-Based Filler-Matrix Interphase for Polymerization Stress Reduction.
Academic Article Vinyl sulfonamide based thermosetting composites via thiol-Michael polymerization.
Academic Article Photopolymerization shrinkage-stress reduction in polymer-based dental restoratives by surface modification of fillers.

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