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Academic Article Riboswitches: fold and function.
Academic Article Structure of the SAM-II riboswitch bound to S-adenosylmethionine.
Academic Article Ligand-dependent folding of the three-way junction in the purine riboswitch.
Academic Article A switch in time: detailing the life of a riboswitch.
Academic Article Insights into the regulatory landscape of the lysine riboswitch.
Academic Article B12 cofactors directly stabilize an mRNA regulatory switch.
Academic Article Structure of a natural guanine-responsive riboswitch complexed with the metabolite hypoxanthine.
Academic Article Structure of the S-adenosylmethionine riboswitch regulatory mRNA element.
Academic Article Riboswitches: emerging themes in RNA structure and function.
Academic Article Mix-and-match riboswitches.
Academic Article Riboswitches: structures and mechanisms.
Academic Article The structure of a tetrahydrofolate-sensing riboswitch reveals two ligand binding sites in a single aptamer.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Academic Article Modularity of select riboswitch expression platforms enables facile engineering of novel genetic regulatory devices.
Academic Article Engineering modular 'ON' RNA switches using biological components.
Academic Article Structural basis for diversity in the SAM clan of riboswitches.
Academic Article Structure-guided mutational analysis of gene regulation by the Bacillus subtilis pbuE adenine-responsive riboswitch in a cellular context.
Academic Article Riboswitches: still a lot of undiscovered country.
Academic Article A Highly Coupled Network of Tertiary Interactions in the SAM-I Riboswitch and Their Role in Regulatory Tuning.
Academic Article Mechanistic Insights into Cofactor-Dependent Coupling of RNA Folding and mRNA Transcription/Translation by a Cobalamin Riboswitch.
Academic Article A functional genetic screen reveals sequence preferences within a key tertiary interaction in cobalamin riboswitches required for ligand selectivity.
Grant Riboglow: a robust multi-color riboswitch-based platform for imaging RNA in living cells
Academic Article Small molecule regulated sgRNAs enable control of genome editing in E. coli by Cas9.
Academic Article Regulation of Gene Expression Through Effector-dependent Conformational Switching by Cobalamin Riboswitches.

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