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Academic Article Seasonal and spatial variation of the bacterial mutagenicity of fine organic aerosol in southern california.
Academic Article Size distribution of trace organic species emitted from light-duty gasoline vehicles.
Academic Article Size-resolved source apportionment of airborne particle mass in a roadside environment.
Academic Article Source apportionment of fine (PM1.8) and ultrafine (PM0.1) airborne particulate matter during a severe winter pollution episode.
Academic Article The temporal lag structure of short-term associations of fine particulate matter chemical constituents and cardiovascular and respiratory hospitalizations.
Academic Article Positive matrix factorization of PM(2.5): comparison and implications of using different speciation data sets.
Academic Article Contrast and correlations between coarse and fine particulate matter in the United States.
Academic Article Source contributions to the mutagenicity of urban particulate air pollution.
Academic Article Trends in fine particle concentration and chemical composition in southern California.
Academic Article Indoor pollutant levels from the use of unvented natural gas fireplaces in Boulder, Colorado.
Academic Article Use of synthetic data to evaluate positive matrix factorization as a source apportionment tool for PM2.5 exposure data.
Academic Article Effects of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on ozone concentrations in Colorado.
Concept Air Pollution, Indoor
Concept Air Microbiology
Concept Air Pollutants
Concept Air Pollution
Concept Air
Academic Article Seasonal variability in bacterial and fungal diversity of the near-surface atmosphere.
Academic Article Gas/particle partitioning of 2-methyltetrols and levoglucosan at an urban site in Denver.
Academic Article Errors in coarse particulate matter mass concentrations and spatiotemporal characteristics when using subtraction estimation methods.
Academic Article Impact of gas/particle partitioning of semivolatile organic compounds on source apportionment with positive matrix factorization.
Academic Article Comparing multipollutant emissions-based mobile source indicators to other single pollutant and multipollutant indicators in different urban areas.
Academic Article Research on Emissions, Air quality, Climate, and Cooking Technologies in Northern Ghana (REACCTING): study rationale and protocol.
Academic Article The short-term association of selected components of fine particulate matter and mortality in the Denver Aerosol Sources and Health (DASH) study.
Academic Article Quantification Method for Electrolytic Sensors in Long-Term Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality.
Academic Article Exposures to and origins of carbonaceous PM2.5 in a cookstove intervention in Northern Ghana.
Academic Article Improving present day and future estimates of anthropogenic sectoral emissions and the resulting air quality impacts in Africa.
Academic Article New Emission Factors and Efficiencies from in-Field Measurements of Traditional and Improved Cookstoves and Their Potential Implications.
Academic Article Letters to the Editor.
Academic Article Low-Cost Air Quality Monitoring Tools: From Research to Practice (A Workshop Summary).
Academic Article Low-cost measurement techniques to characterize the influence of home heating fuel on carbon monoxide in Navajo homes.
Academic Article Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Supply and Demand for Cooking in Northern Ghana.
Academic Article Light absorption of organic carbon and its sources at a southeastern U.S. location in summer.
Academic Article Prices, peers, and perceptions (P3): study protocol for improved biomass cookstove project in northern Ghana.
Academic Article Updated Emission Factors from Diffuse Combustion Sources in Sub-Saharan Africa and Their Effect on Regional Emission Estimates.
Academic Article Deliberating Performance Targets: Follow-on workshop discussing PM10, NO2, CO, and SO2 air sensor targets.
Academic Article Using Gas-Phase Air Quality Sensors to Disentangle Potential Sources in a Los Angeles Neighborhood.
Academic Article Characterizing methane and total non-methane hydrocarbon levels in Los Angeles communities with oil and gas facilities using air quality monitors.
Academic Article Deliberating performance targets workshop: Potential paths for emerging PM2.5 and O3 air sensor progress.

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