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Academic Article Peripheral metabolic responses to prolonged weight reduction that promote rapid, efficient regain in obesity-prone rats.
Academic Article Trafficking of dietary fat in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant rats.
Academic Article Impact of insulin resistance on lipoprotein subpopulation distribution in lean and morbidly obese nondiabetic women.
Academic Article Biology's response to dieting: the impetus for weight regain.
Academic Article Attenuated Pik3r1 expression prevents insulin resistance and adipose tissue macrophage accumulation in diet-induced obese mice.
Academic Article Perilipin-2-null mice are protected against diet-induced obesity, adipose inflammation, and fatty liver disease.
Academic Article Plasma cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity is not linked to insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article Comment on: Kaiyala et al. (2010) Identification of body fat mass as a major determinant of metabolic rate in mice. Diabetes;59:1657-1666.
Academic Article Exercise reduces appetite and traffics excess nutrients away from energetically efficient pathways of lipid deposition during the early stages of weight regain.
Concept Adipose Tissue
Concept Adipose Tissue, Brown
Academic Article The role for adipose tissue in weight regain after weight loss.
Academic Article Exercise Decreases Lipogenic Gene Expression in Adipose Tissue and Alters Adipocyte Cellularity during Weight Regain After Weight Loss.
Academic Article Increased aerobic capacity reduces susceptibility to acute high-fat diet-induced weight gain.
Grant Utilization of Ingested Engery During Underfeeding
Grant Functional aspects of SREBP1c in intact skeletal muscle
Academic Article The Androgen Receptor Supports Tumor Progression After the Loss of Ovarian Function in a Preclinical Model of Obesity and Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Maternal obesity during lactation may protect offspring from high fat diet-induced metabolic dysfunction.
Academic Article FGFR1 underlies obesity-associated progression of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer after estrogen deprivation.
Academic Article Compensation for cold-induced thermogenesis during weight loss maintenance and regain.
Academic Article Breast Cancer Endocrine Therapy Promotes Weight Gain With Distinct Adipose Tissue Effects in Lean and Obese Female Mice.
Academic Article Hematopoietic Stem Cell-Derived Adipocytes Modulate Adipose Tissue Cellularity, Leptin Production and Insulin Responsiveness in Female Mice.

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