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Academic Article Overexpression of a potassium channel gene perturbs neural differentiation.
Academic Article Primary sensory neurons express a Shaker-like potassium channel gene.
Academic Article Homogeneous development of electrical excitability via heterogeneous ion channel expression.
Academic Article Xenopus spinal neurons express Kv2 potassium channel transcripts during embryonic development.
Academic Article Probing molecular identity of native single potassium channels by overexpression of dominant negative subunits.
Academic Article Developmental regulation of potassium channels and the impact on neuronal differentiation.
Academic Article Heteromultimeric potassium channels formed by members of the Kv2 subfamily.
Academic Article Potassium currents in developing neurons.
Academic Article Xenopus embryonic spinal neurons express potassium channel Kvbeta subunits.
Academic Article Synaptic activity modulates presynaptic excitability.
Academic Article In vivo analysis of Kvbeta2 function in Xenopus embryonic myocytes.
Academic Article Ion channel activity drives ion channel expression.
Academic Article Carboxyl tail region of the Kv2.2 subunit mediates novel developmental regulation of channel density.
Academic Article A potassium channel gene is expressed at neural induction.
Academic Article Dorsal-ventral gradient for neuronal plasticity in the embryonic spinal cord.
Academic Article Localization of Kv2.2 protein in Xenopus laevis embryos and tadpoles.
Academic Article Zebrafish motor neuron subtypes differ electrically prior to axonal outgrowth.
Academic Article Both barium and calcium activate neuronal potassium currents.
Academic Article A critical period of transcription required for differentiation of the action potential of spinal neurons.
Academic Article Kv2 channels form delayed-rectifier potassium channels in situ.
Academic Article Development of voltage-dependent calcium, sodium, and potassium currents in Xenopus spinal neurons.
Academic Article Selective regulation of xSlo splice variants during Xenopus embryogenesis.
Academic Article Overexpression of potassium channel RNA: in vivo development rescues neurons from suppression of morphological differentiation in vitro.
Academic Article Temporal regulation of Shaker- and Shab-like potassium channel gene expression in single embryonic spinal neurons during K+ current development.
Academic Article Differentiation of delayed rectifier potassium current in embryonic amphibian myocytes.
Academic Article Development of electrical excitability in embryonic neurons: mechanisms and roles.
Academic Article Kv1 potassium channel complexes in vivo require Kvbeta2 subunits in dorsal spinal neurons.
Academic Article Differentiation of IKA in amphibian spinal neurons.
Academic Article The a2Na+/K+-ATPase is critical for skeletal and heart muscle function in zebrafish.
Academic Article a3Na+/K+-ATPase deficiency causes brain ventricle dilation and abrupt embryonic motility in zebrafish.
Concept Potassium Channels, Voltage-Gated
Concept Delayed Rectifier Potassium Channels
Concept Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channels
Concept Shab Potassium Channels
Concept Sodium-Potassium-Exchanging ATPase
Concept Potassium Channel Blockers
Concept Potassium
Concept Potassium Channels, Calcium-Activated
Concept Potassium Channels
Concept Kv1.2 Potassium Channel
Concept Kv1.1 Potassium Channel
Grant Molecular Analysis of K+ Currents in Developing Neurons

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