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Academic Article The bacteriophage T4 regB ribonuclease. Stimulation of the purified enzyme by ribosomal protein S1.
Academic Article The Rex system of bacteriophage lambda: tolerance and altruistic cell death.
Academic Article Single-stranded RNA recognition by the bacteriophage T4 translational repressor, regA.
Academic Article Artificial mobile DNA element constructed from the EcoRI endonuclease gene.
Academic Article Interactions of Escherichia coli RNA with bacteriophage MS2 coat protein: genomic SELEX.
Academic Article Phage T4 expression vector: protection from proteolysis.
Academic Article Protein-protein interactions with the acidic COOH terminus of the single-stranded DNA-binding protein of the bacteriophage T4.
Academic Article Autogenous translational operator recognized by bacteriophage T4 DNA polymerase.
Academic Article Zinc (II) and the single-stranded DNA binding protein of bacteriophage T4.
Academic Article Wild-type bacteriophage T4 is restricted by the lambda rex genes.
Academic Article Bacteriophage T4 regA protein binds to mRNAs and prevents translation initiation.
Academic Article Autogenous regulatory site on the bacteriophage T4 gene 32 messenger RNA.
Academic Article Nucleotide sequences of the bacteriophage T2 and T6 gene 32 mRNAs.
Academic Article Assembly of the bacteriophage T4 replication machine requires the acidic carboxy terminus of gene 32 protein.
Academic Article In vitro selection of RNA specifically cleaved by bacteriophage T4 RegB endonuclease.
Academic Article Selection of high affinity RNA ligands to the bacteriophage R17 coat protein.
Academic Article The phage T4 nrdB intron: a deletion mutant of a version found in the wild.
Academic Article Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: RNA ligands to bacteriophage T4 DNA polymerase.
Academic Article Binding of the bacteriophage T4 regA protein to mRNA targets: an initiator AUG is required.
Academic Article Identification of a T4 gene required for bacteriophage mRNA processing.
Academic Article Transcriptional activation of bacteriophage T4 middle promoters by the motA protein.
Academic Article Effect of DNA sequence and structure on nuclease activity of the DexA protein of bacteriophage T4.
Academic Article Sequences and studies of bacteriophage T4 rII mutants.
Concept Bacteriophage T4
Concept Bacteriophage lambda
Concept T-Phages
Concept Bacteriophages

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