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Academic Article Skin cancer prevention in preschools and daycare centers.
Academic Article "Block the sun, not the fun": evaluation of a skin cancer prevention program for child care centers.
Academic Article A randomized intervention study of sun protection promotion in well-child care.
Academic Article Tanning and increased nevus development in very-light-skinned children without red hair.
Academic Article Effect of hair color and sun sensitivity on nevus counts in white children in Colorado.
Academic Article Is high mole count a marker of more than melanoma risk? Eczema diagnosis is associated with melanocytic nevi in children.
Academic Article Children with red hair have more freckles but fewer melanocytic nevi: results from a cohort study of 280 three-year-olds.
Academic Article Indoor UV tanning operator opinion regarding youth access: an electronic survey.
Academic Article Measures of sun exposure and sun protection practices for behavioral and epidemiologic research.
Academic Article Vacations to waterside locations result in nevus development in Colorado children.
Academic Article The anatomic distribution of melanoma and relationships with childhood nevus distribution in Colorado.
Academic Article Melanocytic nevi and sun exposure in a cohort of colorado children: anatomic distribution and site-specific sunburn.
Academic Article Melanocytic nevus development in Colorado children born in 1998: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article The benefits and risks of ultraviolet tanning and its alternatives: the role of prudent sun exposure.
Academic Article Sun damage in ultraviolet photographs correlates with phenotypic melanoma risk factors in 12-year-old children.
Academic Article Parents' perceptions of skin cancer threat and children's physical activity.
Academic Article Mailed intervention to promote sun protection of children: a randomized controlled trial.
Concept Skin Pigmentation
Concept Skin Aging
Concept Skin Neoplasms
Academic Article Recognizing Sun Safety as an Employee Health Issue.
Grant Risk Factors for Nevus Development in Children
Grant Youth produced videos to reduce UV exposure in adolescents
Academic Article Portable equipment for taking dramatic sun-damage revealing photos at skin cancer prevention outreach events.
Academic Article Trajectories of Nevus Development From Age 3 to 16 Years in the Colorado Kids Sun Care Program Cohort.
Academic Article The experience of outdoor physical activity for skin cancer survivors: understanding the importance of the built and natural environments.
Academic Article Design and Effectiveness of the Youth Engaged Strategies for Changing Adolescent Norms! (YES-CAN!) Program for Reducing Skin Cancer Risk.
Academic Article Skin Cancer Screening: The Importance of Identifying High-risk Subgroups and the Need for US-Based Population Research.

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