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Academic Article Cancer patients' attitudes toward hospice services.
Academic Article "Block the sun, not the fun": evaluation of a skin cancer prevention program for child care centers.
Academic Article Public beliefs and use of antibiotics for acute respiratory illness.
Academic Article What's in a name? Public knowledge, attitudes, and experiences with antibiotic use for acute bronchitis.
Academic Article Assessing evidence-based dermatology and evidence-based internal medicine curricula in US residency training programs: a national survey.
Academic Article What do cancer survivors believe causes cancer? (United States).
Academic Article Influenza among healthy young children: changes in parental attitudes and predictors of immunization during the 2003 to 2004 influenza season.
Academic Article Smokers hospitalized in an urban, public hospital: addiction, stages of change, and self-efficacy.
Academic Article Barriers to quality care for dying patients in rural communities.
Academic Article Adapting and implementing a long-term nutrition and physical activity curriculum to a rural, low-income, biethnic community.
Academic Article Will pediatricians adopt the new rotavirus vaccine?
Academic Article Early infant feeding decisions in low-income Latinas.
Academic Article Misperceptions about influenza vaccination among parents of healthy young children.
Academic Article Parent opinions about the appropriate ages at which adult supervision is unnecessary for bathing, street crossing, and bicycling.
Academic Article National survey of primary care physicians regarding herpes zoster and the herpes zoster vaccine.
Academic Article Sentinel physician networks as a technique for rapid immunization policy surveys.
Academic Article Pneumococcal vaccination in general internal medicine practice: current practice and future possibilities.
Academic Article Knowledge of interim recommendations and use of Hib vaccine during vaccine shortages.
Academic Article Late-season influenza vaccination: a national survey of physician practice and barriers.
Academic Article Parents' acceptance of adolescent immunizations outside of the traditional medical home.
Academic Article Seasonal influenza vaccination in adults: practice and attitudes about collaborative delivery with community vaccinators.
Academic Article Influenza vaccination in the 2009-2010 pandemic season: the experience of primary care physicians.
Academic Article Physicians' confidence in vaccine safety studies.
Academic Article Determinants of adherence among health department patients referred for a mammogram.
Academic Article Provider adoption of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and the impact of vaccine shortages.
Academic Article Barriers to breast abnormality follow-up: minority, low-income patients' and their providers' view.
Academic Article Age-related differences in the quality of life of breast carcinoma patients after treatment.
Academic Article Misperceptions regarding influenza vaccine safety for individuals with chronic medical illness.
Academic Article Indoor UV tanning operator opinion regarding youth access: an electronic survey.
Academic Article Internal medicine residents reject "longer and gentler" training.
Academic Article The dilemma of disclosure: patient perspectives on gay and lesbian providers.
Academic Article A national survey of pediatrician knowledge and attitudes regarding human papillomavirus vaccination.
Academic Article Care of undocumented individuals with ESRD: a national survey of US nephrologists.
Academic Article Colorado dental practitioners' attitudes and practices regarding tobacco-use prevention activities for 8- through 12-year-old patients.
Academic Article Human papillomavirus vaccination practices: a survey of US physicians 18 months after licensure.
Academic Article Adolescent childbearing ambivalence: is it the sum of its parts?
Academic Article Adoption of rotavirus vaccination by pediatricians and family medicine physicians in the United States.
Academic Article Regional variations in physicians' attitudes and recommendations surrounding implantable cardioverter-defibrillators.
Academic Article Pre-pandemic planning survey of healthcare workers at a tertiary care children's hospital: ethical and workforce issues.
Academic Article Perceived credibility and eyewitness testimony of children with intellectual disabilities.
Academic Article Prevalence of parental concerns about childhood vaccines: the experience of primary care physicians.
Academic Article Pediatricians' attitudes about collaborations with other community vaccinators in the delivery of seasonal influenza vaccine.
Academic Article Timing of adolescent meningococcal conjugate vaccination attitudes and practices of pediatricians and family medicine physicians.
Academic Article Quasi-experimental evaluation of the Los Angeles Know Your Body program: knowledge, beliefs, and self-reported behaviors.
Academic Article Adherence to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendation to prevent injuries from postvaccination syncope: a national physician survey.
Academic Article Mailed intervention to promote sun protection of children: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Adoption of rotavirus vaccine by U.S. physicians: progress and challenges.
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Attitude
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Public Opinion
Academic Article HPV vaccination of boys in primary care practices.
Academic Article Long-term student outcomes of the Integrated Nutrition and Physical Activity Program.
Academic Article Vaccine financing from the perspective of primary care physicians.
Academic Article U.S. physicians' perspective of adult vaccine delivery.
Academic Article Low awareness of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease among patients at high metabolic risk.
Academic Article Physician response to parental requests to spread out the recommended vaccine schedule.
Academic Article Characteristics of Physicians Who Dismiss Families for Refusing Vaccines.
Academic Article Provider Attitudes Regarding Vaccine Tracking Systems in Pediatric Practices.
Academic Article Primary Care Physicians' Perspectives About HPV Vaccine.
Academic Article Physician Attitudes Toward Adult Vaccines and Other Preventive Practices, United States, 2012.
Academic Article Physician Knowledge and Attitudes About Hepatitis A and Current Practices Regarding Hepatitis A Vaccination Delivery.
Grant Youth produced videos to reduce UV exposure in adolescents
Academic Article Financing of Vaccine Delivery in Primary Care Practices.
Academic Article Factors associated with physician self-efficacy in mental illness management and team-based care.
Academic Article Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Category B ACIP Recommendations Among Primary Care Providers for Children.
Academic Article Adoption of Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine Recommendations.
Academic Article Primary care physicians' experience with zoster vaccine live (ZVL) and awareness and attitudes regarding the new recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV).
Academic Article Primary care physicians' perspectives on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease in adults and a potential RSV vaccine for adults.
Academic Article Ten years of experience with herpes zoster vaccine in primary care- how attitudes and practices have changed and what it may mean for a new zoster vaccine.
Academic Article HPV Vaccine Delivery Practices by Primary Care Physicians.
Academic Article Primary care physician knowledge, attitudes, and diagnostic testing practices for norovirus and acute gastroenteritis.
Academic Article Pediatricians' Experiences With and Perceptions of the Vaccines for Children Program.
Academic Article The experience of outdoor physical activity for skin cancer survivors: understanding the importance of the built and natural environments.
Academic Article US Primary Care Physicians' Viewpoints on HPV Vaccination for Adults 27 to 45 Years.
Academic Article Changes in Strength of Recommendation and Perceived Barriers to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: Longitudinal Analysis of Primary Care Physicians, 2008-2018.
Academic Article Primary Care Physicians' Perspective on Pharmacists Delivering Vaccines to Adults.
Academic Article Physician survey regarding updated PCV13 vaccine recommendations for adults =65?years.
Academic Article Physician attitudes regarding the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Adult Immunization Schedule.
Academic Article Pediatricians' Knowledge and Practices Related to Mumps Diagnosis and Prevention.
Academic Article Survey of Physician Practices, Attitudes, and Knowledge Regarding Recombinant Zoster Vaccine.

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