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Academic Article Contraception and culture: the use of yuyos in Paraguay.
Academic Article Acceptability and feasibility of urine screening for Chlamydia and gonorrhea in community organizations: perspectives from Denver and St Louis.
Academic Article Reaching those most in need: a review of diabetes self-management interventions in disadvantaged populations.
Academic Article Young adults on the Internet: risk behaviors for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV(1).
Academic Article Relationships of stigma and shame to gonorrhea and HIV screening.
Academic Article Exploratory analysis of factors associated with teens' repeated childbearing.
Academic Article Knowledge of, attitudes toward, and stage of change for female and male condoms among Denver inner-city women.
Academic Article The future of health behavior change research: what is needed to improve translation of research into health promotion practice?
Academic Article Work site health promotion research: to what extent can we generalize the results and what is needed to translate research to practice?
Academic Article Interactive behavior change technology. A partial solution to the competing demands of primary care.
Academic Article Women, the Internet, and sexually transmitted infections.
Academic Article Disseminating effective cancer screening interventions.
Academic Article Recruitment and retention of an online sample for an HIV prevention intervention targeting men who have sex with men: the Smart Sex Quest Project.
Academic Article Beginning with the application in mind: designing and planning health behavior change interventions to enhance dissemination.
Academic Article What do young adults expect when they go online? Lessons for development of an STD/HIV and pregnancy prevention website.
Academic Article Resources for health: a primary-care-based diet and physical activity intervention targeting urban Latinos with multiple chronic conditions.
Academic Article Safe in the city: developing an effective video-based intervention for STD clinic waiting rooms.
Academic Article POWER for reproductive health: results from a social marketing campaign promoting female and male condoms.
Academic Article Recruitment, enrollment and retention of young black men for HIV prevention research: experiences from The 411 for Safe Text project.
Academic Article A pilot programme using mobile phones for HIV prevention.
Academic Article Text messaging for HIV prevention with young Black men: formative research and campaign development.
Academic Article Cyber-Senga: Ugandan youth preferences for content in an internet-delivered comprehensive sexuality education programme.
Academic Article Formative research on MySpace: online methods to engage hard-to-reach populations.
Academic Article Cell phone usage among adolescents in Uganda: acceptability for relaying health information.
Academic Article Parents' acceptance of adolescent immunizations outside of the traditional medical home.
Academic Article Prevalence rates of sexual coercion victimization and perpetration among Uganda adolescents.
Academic Article Usability and navigability of an HIV/AIDS internet intervention for adolescents in a resource-limited setting.
Academic Article The intersection of youth, technology, and new media with sexual health: moving the research agenda forward.
Academic Article Sexting, substance use, and sexual risk behavior in young adults.
Academic Article Significant and non-significant associations between technology use and sexual risk: a need for more empirical attention.
Academic Article Response from the Behavior Change Consortium Representatives and Translation Work Group: the issue is one of impact, not of world view or preferred approach.
Academic Article Risks and benefits of the internet for populations at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs): results of an STI clinic survey.
Academic Article Promoting "dual protection" from pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease: a social ecological approach.
Academic Article Patterns of general health care and STD services use among high-risk youth in Denver participating in community-based urine chlamydia screening.
Academic Article Practice patterns for the elicitation of sexual history, education, and counseling among providers of STD services: results from the gonorrhea community action project (GCAP).
Academic Article Barriers to STD/HIV prevention on the Internet.
Academic Article Behavior change intervention research in healthcare settings: a review of recent reports with emphasis on external validity.
Academic Article Behavior change intervention research in community settings: how generalizable are the results?
Academic Article Outcomes of a multifaceted physical activity regimen as part of a diabetes self-management intervention.
Academic Article Multi-level support for physical activity and healthy eating.
Academic Article Recruitment and retention of Latinos in a primary care-based physical activity and diet trial: The Resources for Health study.
Academic Article Designing a cardiovascular disease prevention web site for Latinos: qualitative community feedback.
Academic Article Conducting Internet-based HIV/STD prevention survey research: considerations in design and evaluation.
Academic Article Improving recruitment and retention for an online randomized controlled trial: experience from the Youthnet study.
Academic Article Effects of an Internet-based intervention for HIV prevention: the Youthnet trials.
Academic Article Estimates of intraclass correlation for variables related to behavioral HIV/STD prevention in a predominantly African American and Hispanic sample of young women.
Academic Article Factor analyses of condom attitudes, norms, and self-efficacy measures in diverse samples.
Academic Article LUCHAR: using computer technology to battle heart disease among Latinos.
Academic Article A comparison of different measures of acculturation with cardiovascular risk factors in Latinos with hypertension.
Academic Article Examining the applicability of the IMB model in predicting condom use among sexually active secondary school students in Mbarara, Uganda.
Academic Article Do patient preferences for health information vary by health literacy or numeracy? A qualitative assessment.
Academic Article Social media-delivered sexual health intervention: a cluster randomized controlled trial.
Concept Health Literacy
Concept Health Services Needs and Demand
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Attitude of Health Personnel
Concept Electronic Health Records
Concept Health Surveys
Concept Health Education
Concept Health Services Accessibility
Concept Adolescent Health Services
Concept Occupational Health Services
Concept Urban Health Services
Concept Urban Health
Concept Occupational Health
Concept Health Services Research
Concept Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Concept National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Resources
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Community Health Nursing
Concept Health Behavior
Concept National Health Programs
Concept Public Health
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Health Status
Concept Attitude to Health
Concept Health Promotion
Concept Maternal Health Services
Concept Minority Health
Concept Health Status Disparities
Concept Reproductive Health Services
Concept Women's Health
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Preventive Health Services
Concept Community Health Workers
Concept Health Facilities
Concept Health Priorities
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Community Health Planning
Concept Global Health
Concept Health Planning
Concept Health Services
Academic Article Preventing HIV among young people: research priorities for the future.
Academic Article Acceptability and feasibility of CyberSenga: an Internet-based HIV-prevention program for adolescents in Mbarara, Uganda.
Academic Article Sexually transmitted disease prevention campaigns in the 21st century: new frontiers in social media.
Academic Article Enhancing a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program with text messaging: engaging minority youth to develop TOP ? Plus Text.
Academic Article Perceptions of health care services and HIV-related health-seeking behavior among Uganda adolescents.
Academic Article Opportunities for technology-based HIV prevention programming among high school students in Cape Town, South Africa.
Academic Article Barriers to calling 911 and learning and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for residents of primarily Latino, high-risk neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado.
Academic Article Serious Games for Sexual Health.
Academic Article Methods to assess youth engagement in a text messaging supplement to an effective teen pregnancy program.
Academic Article More than just tracking time: Complex measures of user engagement with an internet-based health promotion intervention.
Academic Article Adolescent Mobile Phone Use and Mobile Phone-Based Health Promotion.
Academic Article Health Worker mHealth Utilization: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Iteratively Developing an mHealth HIV Prevention Program for Sexual Minority Adolescent Men.
Academic Article Ethical Considerations in Recruiting Online and Implementing a Text Messaging-Based HIV Prevention Program With Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Adolescent Males.
Academic Article From Foucault to Freire Through Facebook: Toward an Integrated Theory of mHealth.
Academic Article The Center for Human Development in Guatemala: An Innovative Model for Global Population Health.
Academic Article Text Messaging, Teen Outreach Program, and Sexual Health Behavior: A Cluster Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Immigrant Generation and Sexual Initiation Among a Diverse Racial/Ethnic Group of Urban Youth.
Academic Article What Do Colorado Adults Know About Legal Use of Recreational Marijuana After a Media Campaign?
Academic Article Measuring adolescent friendly health services in India: A scoping review of evaluations.
Academic Article The Use of the Internet to Meet Sexual Partners: A Comparison of Non-Heterosexually-Identified Men with Heterosexually-Identified Men and Women.
Academic Article Awareness, Perception of Risk and Behaviors Related to Retail Marijuana Among a Sample of Colorado Youth.
Academic Article Erratum to: Measuring adolescent friendly health services in India: A scoping review of evaluations.
Academic Article The clinical implications of legalizing marijuana: Are physician and non-physician providers prepared?
Grant HIV/STD Prevention for Young Adults Online
Grant Latinos Using Cardio Health Actions to Reduce Risk
Grant Text Messaging for Abstinence and HIV Risk Prevention
Academic Article The Development and Acceptability of a Mobile Application for Tracking Symptoms of Heart Failure Among Older Adults.
Academic Article Text Messaging and Teen Sexual Health Behavior: Long-term Follow-up of a Cluster Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Sexual Assertiveness Skills and Decision-Making in Adolescent Girls: Moving to Replication, Scale, and Digital Health Impact.
Academic Article Tanzania Health Information Technology (T-HIT) System: Pilot Test of a Tablet-Based System to Improve Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV.
Grant Personalized Patient data and behavioral nudges to improve adherence to chronic cardiovascular medications
Academic Article Measuring vaccine hesitancy: Field testing the WHO SAGE Working Group on Vaccine Hesitancy survey tool in Guatemala.
Academic Article Using Mobile Health to Promote Early Language Development: A Narrative Review.
Concept Adolescent Health
Concept Sexual Health
Concept Health Communication
Concept Reproductive Health
Concept Population Health
Academic Article Feasibility, Acceptability, and Process Indicators for Guy2Guy, an mHealth HIV Prevention Program for Sexual Minority Adolescent Boys.
Grant Personalized Patient data and behavioral nudges to improve adherence to chronic cardiovascular medications
Academic Article Development of the Brief Social Capital for Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Scale: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis.
Academic Article Youth Study Recruitment Using Paid Advertising on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook: Cross-Sectional Survey Study.
Academic Article Advancing evidence-based digital health through an innovative research environment: an academic-industry collaboration case report.
Academic Article Elements of Social Convoy Theory in Mobile Health for Palliative Care: Scoping Review.
Academic Article Health worker acceptability of an mHealth platform to facilitate the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Tanzania.
Academic Article Development and Modification of a Mobile Health Program to Promote Postpartum Weight Loss in Women at Elevated Risk for Cardiometabolic Disease: Single-Arm Pilot Study.
Academic Article Using Grounded Theory to Inform the Human-Centered Design of Digital Health in Geriatric Palliative Care.
Academic Article A Pilot Study and Ecological Model of Smoking Cues to Inform Mobile Health Strategies for Quitting Among Low-Income Smokers.
Academic Article "I Like the Idea of It?But Probably Wouldn't Use It" - Health Care Provider Perspectives on Heart Failure mHealth: Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Implementing a Peer Advocate Mental Health Digital Intervention Program for Ohio Youth: Descriptive Pilot Study.
Academic Article Characteristics of Patients and Proxy Caregivers Using Patient Portals in the Setting of Serious Illness and End of Life.
Academic Article Building MedVenture - A mobile health application to improve adolescent medication adherence - Using a multidisciplinary approach and academic-industry collaboration.
Academic Article Designing a couple-based relationship strengthening and health enhancing intervention for pregnant women living with HIV and their male partners in Zambia: Interview findings from the target community.
Academic Article Efficacy of an mHealth Intervention (BRAVE) to Promote Mental Wellness for American Indian and Alaska Native Teenagers and Young Adults: Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Benefits, Facilitators, and Recommendations for Digital Health Academic-Industry Collaboration: A Mini Review.
Academic Article "It depends:" a qualitative study on digital health academic-industry collaboration.
Academic Article Design and Effectiveness of the Youth Engaged Strategies for Changing Adolescent Norms! (YES-CAN!) Program for Reducing Skin Cancer Risk.
Academic Article Systematic review of cost-effectiveness analysis of behavior change communication apps: Assessment of key methods.
Academic Article Assessment of a Mobile Health iPhone App for Semiautomated Self-management of Chronic Recurrent Medical Conditions Using an N-of-1 Trial Framework: Feasibility Pilot Study.
Academic Article Ethnic Minorities' Perceptions of COVID-19 Vaccines and Challenges in the Pandemic: A Qualitative Study to Inform COVID-19 Prevention Interventions.
Academic Article An artificially intelligent, natural language processing chatbot designed to promote COVID-19 vaccination: A proof-of-concept pilot study.

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