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Academic Article Age differences in sensation seeking and impulsivity as indexed by behavior and self-report: evidence for a dual systems model.
Academic Article Age differences in future orientation and delay discounting.
Academic Article Age differences in affective decision making as indexed by performance on the Iowa Gambling Task.
Academic Article Localization of asymmetric brain function in emotion and depression.
Academic Article The time course of activity in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex during top-down attentional control.
Academic Article Symptom-correlated brain regions in young adults with combined-type ADHD: their organization, variability, and relation to behavioral performance.
Academic Article Behavioral performance predicts grey matter reductions in the right inferior frontal gyrus in young adults with combined type ADHD.
Academic Article Trait approach and avoidance motivation: lateralized neural activity associated with executive function.
Academic Article Neural inhibition enables selection during language processing.
Academic Article Brain activity related to the ability to inhibit previous task sets: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Relationship between intelligence and the size and composition of the corpus callosum.
Academic Article Are adolescents less mature than adults?: minors' access to abortion, the juvenile death penalty, and the alleged APA "flip-flop".
Academic Article Attentional control activation relates to working memory in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Academic Article Co-occurring anxiety influences patterns of brain activity in depression.
Academic Article Low frequency fluctuations reveal integrated and segregated processing among the cerebral hemispheres.
Academic Article Inhibitory control of memory retrieval and motor processing associated with the right lateral prefrontal cortex: evidence from deficits in individuals with ADHD.
Academic Article Regional variation in interhemispheric coordination of intrinsic hemodynamic fluctuations.
Academic Article Interhemispheric interaction expands attentional capacity in an auditory selective attention task.
Academic Article The neural basis of sustained and transient attentional control in young adults with ADHD.
Academic Article Risky decisions and their consequences: neural processing by boys with Antisocial Substance Disorder.
Academic Article Cognitive control in adolescence: neural underpinnings and relation to self-report behaviors.
Academic Article A brain network instantiating approach and avoidance motivation.
Academic Article Interhemispheric transfer of spatial and semantic information: electrophysiological evidence.
Academic Article Increased inhibition and enhancement of memory retrieval are associated with reduced hippocampal volume.
Concept Young Adult
Academic Article Developmental trends and individual differences in brain systems involved in intertemporal choice during adolescence.
Academic Article ERPs and neural oscillations during volitional suppression of memory retrieval.
Academic Article Reduced neural tracking of prediction error in substance-dependent individuals.
Academic Article The neural mechanisms underlying internally and externally guided task selection.
Academic Article Individual differences in the balance of GABA to glutamate in pFC predict the ability to select among competing options.
Academic Article Transdiagnostic dimensions of anxiety and depression moderate motivation-related brain networks during goal maintenance.
Academic Article Separate neural representations for physical pain and social rejection.
Academic Article Resting-state networks predict individual differences in common and specific aspects of executive function.
Academic Article Multiple modes of clearing one's mind of current thoughts: overlapping and distinct neural systems.
Academic Article Individual differences in regional prefrontal gray matter morphometry and fractional anisotropy are associated with different constructs of executive function.
Academic Article Organization of the Human Frontal Pole Revealed by Large-Scale DTI-Based Connectivity: Implications for Control of Behavior.
Academic Article Distracted and down: neural mechanisms of affective interference in subclinical depression.
Academic Article Flexible brain network reconfiguration supporting inhibitory control.
Academic Article Familial risk and ADHD-specific neural activity revealed by case-control, discordant twin pair design.
Academic Article Brain activation underlying threat detection to targets of different races.
Academic Article The Organization of Right Prefrontal Networks Reveals Common Mechanisms of Inhibitory Regulation Across Cognitive, Emotional, and Motor Processes.
Academic Article Brain Cortical Thickness Differences in Adolescent Females with Substance Use Disorders.
Academic Article Functional connectivity at rest is sensitive to individual differences in executive function: A network analysis.
Academic Article Recreational marijuana use impacts white matter integrity and subcortical (but not cortical) morphometry.
Academic Article Reduced lateral prefrontal cortical volume is associated with performance on the modified Iowa Gambling Task: A surface based morphometric analysis of previously deployed veterans.
Academic Article General and emotion-specific alterations to cognitive control in women with a history of childhood abuse.
Academic Article Association Between Initial Age of Exposure to Childhood Abuse and Cognitive Control: Preliminary Evidence.
Academic Article Altered selection during language processing in individuals at high risk for psychosis.
Academic Article Individual differences in mixing costs relate to general executive functioning.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical Correlates of the Unity and Diversity Model of Executive Function in Young Adults.
Academic Article Striatal-frontal network activation during voluntary task selection under conditions of monetary reward.
Academic Article Characterizing and decomposing the neural correlates of individual differences in reading ability among adolescents with task-based fMRI.
Academic Article Genetic and Environmental Influence on the Human Functional Connectome.
Academic Article Left posterior prefrontal regions support domain-general executive processes needed for both reading and math.
Academic Article Heritability of brain resilience to perturbation in humans.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical Correlates of Perceived Stress Controllability in Adolescents and Emerging Adults.
Academic Article Major gender differences in relations between life stressor frequency and gray matter in adolescence and emerging adulthood.

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