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Academic Article Anatomical and photosynthetic acclimation to the light environment in species with differing mechanisms of phloem loading.
Academic Article Photosynthetic acclimation in the context of structural constraints to carbon export from leaves.
Academic Article Role of light and jasmonic acid signaling in regulating foliar phloem cell wall ingrowth development.
Academic Article Activation of sucrose transport in defoliated Lolium perenne L.: an example of apoplastic phloem loading plasticity.
Academic Article Low temperature acclimation of photosynthetic capacity and leaf morphology in the context of phloem loading type.
Concept Plant Leaves
Academic Article May photoinhibition be a consequence, rather than a cause, of limited plant productivity?
Academic Article Multiple feedbacks between chloroplast and whole plant in the context of plant adaptation and acclimation to the environment.
Academic Article Association between photosynthesis and contrasting features of minor veins in leaves of summer annuals loading phloem via symplastic versus apoplastic routes.
Academic Article Leaf architectural, vascular and photosynthetic acclimation to temperature in two biennials.
Academic Article Chloroplast thylakoid structure in evergreen leaves employing strong thermal energy dissipation.
Academic Article Growth temperature impact on leaf form and function in Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes from northern and southern Europe.
Academic Article Light, temperature and tocopherol status influence foliar vascular anatomy and leaf function in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Academic Article Environmental regulation of intrinsic photosynthetic capacity: an integrated view.
Academic Article Acclimation of Swedish and Italian ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana to light intensity.
Academic Article Effects of Foliar Redox Status on Leaf Vascular Organization Suggest Avenues for Cooptimization of Photosynthesis and Heat Tolerance.
Academic Article Quantification of Leaf Phloem Anatomical Features with Microscopy.
Academic Article Zeaxanthin, a Molecule for Photoprotection in Many Different Environments.

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