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Academic Article Oocyte influences on early development: the regulatory proteins leptin and STAT3 are polarized in mouse and human oocytes and differentially distributed within the cells of the preimplantation stage embryo.
Academic Article Mitochondria as regulatory forces in oocytes, preimplantation embryos and stem cells.
Academic Article Mitochondrial function in the human oocyte and embryo and their role in developmental competence.
Concept Blastocyst
Academic Article Regulatory roles for mitochondria in the peri-implantation mouse blastocyst: possible origins and developmental significance of differential DeltaPsim.
Academic Article Development of human embryos to the hatched blastocyst stage in the presence or absence of a monolayer of Vero cells.
Academic Article Development of preimplantation rabbit embryos in vivo and in vitro.
Academic Article Programmed development in the mouse embryo.
Academic Article Domains of high-polarized and low-polarized mitochondria may occur in mouse and human oocytes and early embryos.
Academic Article Cellular and developmental biological aspects of bovine meiotic maturation, fertilization, and preimplantation embryogenesis in vitro.
Academic Article The influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the developmental potential and chromosomal normality of the human oocyte.
Academic Article Structural relationship and posttranslational modification of stage-specific proteins synthesized during early preimplantation development in the mouse.
Academic Article Molecular and cellular aspects of facultative delayed implantation in the mouse.
Academic Article Mitochondria in human oogenesis and preimplantation embryogenesis: engines of metabolism, ionic regulation and developmental competence.
Academic Article Molecular differentiation of the rabbit ovum. II. During the preimplantation development of in vivo and in vitro matured oocytes.
Academic Article The fine structural development of preimplantation mouse parthenotes.
Academic Article Molecular differentiation in the preimplantation mouse embryo.
Academic Article Can the developmental competence of early human embryos be predicted effectively in the clinical IVF laboratory?
Academic Article Qualitative patterns of protein synthesis in the preimplantation mouse embryo. I. Normal pregnancy.
Academic Article Perivitelline threads: an overlooked feature of cleavage-stage human embryos or an epiphenomenon in search of a function?

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