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Academic Article Impairment of neuromuscular propagation during human fatiguing contractions at submaximal forces.
Academic Article Motor-unit activity differs with load type during a fatiguing contraction.
Academic Article Muscle endurance is greater for old men compared with strength-matched young men.
Academic Article Prolonged vibration of the biceps brachii tendon reduces time to failure when maintaining arm position with a submaximal load.
Academic Article Time to task failure varies with the gain of the feedback signal for women, but not for men.
Academic Article Strength training for exercise performance and rehabilitation.
Academic Article Muscle activity differs with load compliance during fatiguing contractions with the knee extensor muscles.
Academic Article Muscle activity and time to task failure differ with load compliance and target force for elbow flexor muscles.
Academic Article Limb immobilization alters muscle activation patterns during a fatiguing isometric contraction.
Academic Article Sex differences in the fatigability of arm muscles depends on absolute force during isometric contractions.
Academic Article Influence of neural adjustments and muscle oxygenation on task failure during sustained isometric contractions with elbow flexor muscles.
Academic Article PET/CT imaging of age- and task-associated differences in muscle activity during fatiguing contractions.
Academic Article Sympathetic activation is associated with increases in EMG during fatiguing exercise.
Academic Article Task differences with the same load torque alter the endurance time of submaximal fatiguing contractions in humans.
Academic Article Short-term immobilization has a minimal effect on the strength and fatigability of a human hand muscle.
Academic Article Muscle activation and time to task failure differ with load type and contraction intensity for a human hand muscle.
Academic Article Gender differences in the fatigability of human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Strength training can improve steadiness in persons with essential tremor.
Academic Article Task failure during fatiguing contractions performed by humans.
Academic Article Handedness but not dominance influences variability in endurance time for sustained, submaximal contractions.
Concept Physical Endurance
Academic Article Fatigability of the dorsiflexors and associations among multiple domains of motor function in young and old adults.
Academic Article Motor function is associated with 1,25(OH)(2)D and indices of insulin-glucose dynamics in non-diabetic older adults.
Academic Article Translating Fatigue to Human Performance.
Academic Article Force control during submaximal isometric contractions is associated with walking performance in persons with multiple sclerosis.

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