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Academic Article Isometric torque-angle relationship and movement-related activity of human elbow flexors: implications for the equilibrium-point hypothesis.
Academic Article Muscular control of a learned movement: the speed control system hypothesis.
Academic Article Morphological features and activation patterns of motor units.
Academic Article Motor unit behavior in Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Fluctuations in acceleration during voluntary contractions lead to greater impairment of movement accuracy in old adults.
Academic Article The extraction of neural strategies from the surface EMG.
Academic Article Practice reduces motor unit discharge variability in a hand muscle and improves manual dexterity in old adults.
Academic Article Neural changes associated with training.
Academic Article A spinal pathway between synergists can modulate activity in human elbow flexor muscles.
Academic Article Presynaptic modulation of Ia afferents in young and old adults when performing force and position control.
Academic Article Aging and movement errors when lifting and lowering light loads.
Academic Article Paths of discovery in motoneuron neurobiology.
Academic Article Load- and skill-related changes in segmental contributions to a weightlifting movement.
Academic Article Kinematic assessment of a functional role for recurrent inhibition and selective recruitment.
Academic Article Changes in movement capabilities with aging.
Academic Article Nonuniform activation of the agonist muscle does not covary with index finger acceleration in old adults.
Academic Article Fluctuations in motor output of a hand muscle can be altered by the mechanical properties of the position sensor.
Academic Article The interface between biomechanics and neurophysiology in the study of movement: some recent approaches.
Concept Movement
Concept Movement Disorders
Academic Article A model of the surface electromyogram in pathological tremor.
Grant Arousal and Motor Performance in Older Adults
Academic Article Patients with sacroiliac joint dysfunction exhibit altered movement strategies when performing a sit-to-stand task.
Academic Article Poor estimates of motor variability are associated with longer grooved pegboard times for middle-aged and older adults.
Academic Article Metabolic costs of walking and arm reaching in persons with mild multiple sclerosis.

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