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Academic Article Estimating the strength of common input to human motoneurons from the cross-correlogram.
Academic Article Motor-unit synchronization increases EMG amplitude and decreases force steadiness of simulated contractions.
Academic Article Discharge rate variability influences the variation in force fluctuations across the working range of a hand muscle.
Academic Article Amplitude cancellation reduces the size of motor unit potentials averaged from the surface EMG.
Academic Article Practice and endpoint accuracy with the left and right hands of old adults: the right-hemisphere aging model.
Academic Article Changes in muscle fascicles of tibialis anterior during anisometric contractions are not associated with motor-output variability of the ankle dorsiflexors in young and old adults.
Academic Article Unraveling the neurophysiology of muscle fatigue.
Academic Article Influence of amplitude cancellation on the accuracy of determining the onset of muscle activity from the surface electromyogram.
Academic Article Sensitivity of the cross-correlation between simulated surface EMGs for two muscles to detect motor unit synchronization.
Academic Article Motor-unit synchronization alters spike-triggered average force in simulated contractions.
Academic Article The interpolated twitch and the force capacity of muscle.
Academic Article An integrative model of motor unit activity during sustained submaximal contractions.
Academic Article Influence of fatigue on the simulated relation between the amplitude of the surface electromyogram and muscle force.
Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Neural control of lengthening contractions.

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