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Academic Article Multivalent recognition of histone tails by the PHD fingers of CHD5.
Academic Article Combinatorial profiling of chromatin binding modules reveals multisite discrimination.
Academic Article Handpicking epigenetic marks with PHD fingers.
Academic Article Bivalent recognition of nucleosomes by the tandem PHD fingers of the CHD4 ATPase is required for CHD4-mediated repression.
Academic Article SnapShot: Histone readers.
Concept Protein Processing, Post-Translational
Academic Article Inhibition of histone binding by supramolecular hosts.
Academic Article Towards understanding methyllysine readout.
Academic Article An acetyl-methyl switch drives a conformational change in p53.
Academic Article O-GlcNAcylation of MLL5ß is essential for MLL5ß-AP-1 transcription complex assembly at the HPV16/18-long control region.
Academic Article Regulation of Methyllysine Readers through Phosphorylation.
Academic Article The Taf14 YEATS domain is a reader of histone crotonylation.
Academic Article Preparation, Biochemical Analysis, and Structure Determination of Methyllysine Readers.
Academic Article Chromatin condensation and recruitment of PHD finger proteins to histone H3K4me3 are mutually exclusive.
Academic Article Insights into newly discovered marks and readers of epigenetic information.
Academic Article Recognition of Histone H3K14 Acylation by MORF.
Grant Molecular analysis of methylated p53
Grant Molecular mechanism of chromatin targeting by BRPF1
Academic Article Histone modifications for chromatin dynamics and cellular plasticity.
Academic Article Covalent Modifications of Histone H3K9 Promote Binding of CHD3.
Academic Article Histone H3 Dual Ubiquitylation Mediates Maintenance DNA Methylation.
Academic Article YEATS2 links histone acetylation to tumorigenesis of non-small cell lung cancer.
Academic Article The ZZ-type zinc finger of ZZZ3 modulates the ATAC complex-mediated histone acetylation and gene activation.
Academic Article The ZZ domain as a new epigenetic reader and a degradation signal sensor.
Academic Article Strategies for Generating Modified Nucleosomes: Applications within Structural Biology Studies.
Academic Article Selective binding of the PHD6 finger of MLL4 to histone H4K16ac links MLL4 and MOF.
Academic Article The PHD finger of Spp1 mediates histone modification cross-talk.
Academic Article Histone H3K23-specific acetylation by MORF is coupled to H3K14 acylation.
Academic Article KAP1 Is a Chromatin Reader that Couples Steps of RNA Polymerase II Transcription to Sustain Oncogenic Programs.
Academic Article Mechanistic insights into chromatin targeting by leukemic NUP98-PHF23 fusion.
Academic Article Structural Insight into Binding of the ZZ Domain of HERC2 to Histone H3 and SUMO1.

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