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Academic Article Haze aerosols in the atmosphere of early Earth: manna from heaven.
Academic Article Sulfate aerosols and polar stratospheric cloud formation.
Academic Article Secondary organic aerosol-forming reactions of glyoxal with amino acids.
Academic Article Secondary organic aerosol formation by self-reactions of methylglyoxal and glyoxal in evaporating droplets.
Academic Article Characterizing the morphology of organic aerosols at ambient temperature and pressure.
Academic Article Formation of nitrogen-containing oligomers by methylglyoxal and amines in simulated evaporating cloud droplets.
Academic Article Potential climatic impact of organic haze on early Earth.
Academic Article Heterogeneous glyoxal oxidation: a potential source of secondary organic aerosol.
Academic Article The formation of sulfate and elemental sulfur aerosols under varying laboratory conditions: implications for early earth.
Academic Article Reduction in haze formation rate on prebiotic Earth in the presence of hydrogen.
Academic Article Nitrogen incorporation in CH(4)-N(2) photochemical aerosol produced by far ultraviolet irradiation.
Concept Aerosols
Academic Article Impact of organic coating on optical growth of ammonium sulfate particles.
Academic Article Heterogeneous ice nucleation on simulated secondary organic aerosol.
Academic Article Formation of semisolid, oligomerized aqueous SOA: lab simulations of cloud processing.
Academic Article Follow the Carbon: Isotopic Labeling Studies of Early Earth Aerosol.
Academic Article Brown Carbon Production by Aqueous-Phase Interactions of Glyoxal and SO2.
Academic Article Seeded Crystal Growth of Internally Mixed Organic-Inorganic Aerosols: Impact of Organic Phase State.

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