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Academic Article Psychometric properties of a hurricane coping self-efficacy measure.
Academic Article Coping self-efficacy buffers psychological and physiological disturbances in HIV-infected men following a natural disaster.
Academic Article Social cognitive theory of posttraumatic recovery: the role of perceived self-efficacy.
Academic Article Coping self-efficacy mediates the effects of negative cognitions on posttraumatic distress.
Academic Article Predicting posttraumatic growth among Hurricane Katrina survivors living with HIV: the role of self-efficacy, social support, and PTSD symptoms.
Academic Article The firefighter coping self-efficacy scale: measure development and validation.
Academic Article Bereavement coping self-efficacy in cancer widows.
Academic Article The associations between coping self-efficacy and posttraumatic stress symptoms 10 years postdisaster: differences between men and women.
Academic Article Development and psychometric validation of a Domestic Violence Coping Self-efficacy Measure (DV-CSE).
Academic Article Coping self-efficacy perceptions as a mediator between acute stress response and long-term distress following natural disasters.
Academic Article Psychometric properties of the Hurricane Coping Self-Efficacy measure following Hurricane Katrina.
Academic Article My Disaster Recovery: a pilot randomized controlled trial of an Internet intervention.
Concept Self Efficacy
Academic Article Secondary trauma self-efficacy: concept and its measurement.
Academic Article Cultivating secondary traumatic growth among healthcare workers: the role of social support and self-efficacy.
Academic Article Trauma Coping Self-Efficacy: A Context-Specific Self-Efficacy Measure for Traumatic Stress.
Academic Article From Exhaustion to Disengagement via Self-Efficacy Change: Findings from Two Longitudinal Studies among Human Services Workers.
Academic Article Associations between job burnout and self-efficacy: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Effects of Internet-Based Self-Efficacy Intervention on Secondary Traumatic Stress and Secondary Posttraumatic Growth among Health and Human Services Professionals Exposed to Indirect Trauma.
Academic Article Protective Factors, Coping Appraisals, and Social Barriers Predict Mental Health Following Community Violence: A Prospective Test of Social Cognitive Theory.
Academic Article Self-Regulation Shift Theory: A Dynamic Systems Approach to Traumatic Stress.
Academic Article Burnout Among US Military Behavioral Health Providers.
Academic Article The Capability for Suicide in Firefighters.
Academic Article Predicting Change in Posttraumatic Distress Through Change in Coping Self-Efficacy After Using the My Trauma Recovery eHealth Intervention: Laboratory Investigation.
Academic Article The Temporal Relationship Between Coping Self-Efficacy and Dissociation in Undergraduate Students.
Academic Article The Indirect Effect of Coping Self-Efficacy on the Relation Between Sexual Violence and PTSD Symptoms.
Academic Article Social engagement, self-efficacy, and posttraumatic stress symptoms across 6 months of psychotherapy.
Academic Article The power of appraisals in predicting PTSD symptom improvement following cognitive rehabilitation: A randomized clinical trial.

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