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Academic Article Estrogen control of progesterone receptor in human breast cancer: role of estradiol and antiestrogen.
Academic Article Is a functional estrogen receptor always required for progesterone receptor induction in breast cancer?
Academic Article Nuclear estrogen receptor release from antiestrogen suppression: amplified induction of progesterone receptor in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells.
Academic Article Variant T47D human breast cancer cells with high progesterone-receptor levels despite estrogen and antiestrogen resistance.
Academic Article Studies on mechanisms of estrogen and antiestrogen action in human breast cancer.
Academic Article Selective down-regulation of progesterone receptor isoform B in poorly differentiated human endometrial cancer cells: implications for unopposed estrogen action.
Academic Article Differential expression of the A and B isoforms of progesterone receptor in human endometrial cancer cells. Only progesterone receptor B is induced by estrogen and associated with strong transcriptional activation.
Academic Article Specific progesterone receptors in human breast cancer.
Academic Article Estrogen receptors alpha and beta: prevalence of estrogen receptor beta mRNA in human vascular smooth muscle and transcriptional effects.
Academic Article Human breast cancer: biologically active estrogen receptor in the absence of estrogen?
Academic Article Progesterone receptors A and B differentially affect the growth of estrogen-dependent human breast tumor xenografts.
Academic Article Estradiol regulates different genes in human breast tumor xenografts compared with the identical cells in culture.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor positive breast cancer metastasis: altered hormonal sensitivity and tumor aggressiveness in lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes.
Academic Article The Year in Basic Science: update of estrogen plus progestin therapy for menopausal hormone replacement implicating stem cells in the increased breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Progesterone and progesterone receptors in experimental breast cancer.
Academic Article T47DCO cells, genetically unstable and containing estrogen receptor mutations, are a model for the progression of breast cancers to hormone resistance.
Academic Article Cytokeratin 5 positive cells represent a steroid receptor negative and therapy resistant subpopulation in luminal breast cancers.
Academic Article Estrogen control of progesterone receptor induction in human breast cancer: role of nuclear estrogen receptor.
Academic Article Nuclear estrogen receptors. Effect of inhibitors on processing and steady state levels.
Academic Article MCF-7; a human breast cancer cell line with estrogen, androgen, progesterone, and glucocorticoid receptors.
Academic Article Progestin-dependent induction of vascular endothelial growth factor in human breast cancer cells: preferential regulation by progesterone receptor B.
Academic Article Estrogen insensitivity in a model of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer lymph node metastasis.
Academic Article Estrogen control of progesterone receptor in human breast cancer. Correlation with nuclear processing of estrogen receptor.
Academic Article Actinomycin D prevents nuclear processing of estrogen receptor.
Academic Article Receptors and breast cancer: do we know it all?
Academic Article Nuclear mechanisms of estrogen action. Effects of estradiol and anti-estrogens on estrogen receptors and nuclear receptor processing.
Academic Article Growth inhibition and increase of insulin receptors in antiestrogen-resistant T47DCO human breast cancer cells by progestins: implications for endocrine therapies.
Academic Article Estrogen switches pure mucinous breast cancer to invasive lobular carcinoma with mucinous features.
Concept Estradiol
Concept Estradiol Congeners
Academic Article Luminal breast cancer metastases and tumor arousal from dormancy are promoted by direct actions of estradiol and progesterone on the malignant cells.

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