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Concept Blood Pressure
Concept Blood Pressure Monitoring, Ambulatory
Concept Arterial Pressure
Academic Article Water deprivation does not augment sympathetic or pressor responses to sciatic afferent nerve stimulation in rats or to static exercise in humans.
Academic Article Acute effect of high-intensity cycling exercise on carotid artery hemodynamic pulsatility.
Academic Article A high-salt meal does not augment blood pressure responses during maximal exercise.
Academic Article Reducing Dietary Sodium to 1000 mg per Day Reduces Neurovascular Transduction Without Stimulating Sympathetic Outflow.
Academic Article Relation between resting sympathetic outflow and vasoconstrictor responses to sympathetic nerve bursts: sex differences in healthy young adults.
Academic Article The influence of acute elevations in plasma osmolality and serum sodium on sympathetic outflow and blood pressure responses to exercise.
Academic Article Alterations in dietary sodium intake affect cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity.
Grant The effects of dietary salt on blood pressure responses to acute aerobic exercise
Academic Article Short-term water deprivation does not increase blood pressure variability or impair neurovascular function in healthy young adults.
Academic Article Salt Loading Blunts Central and Peripheral Postexercise Hypotension.
Academic Article The Impact of High Dietary Sodium Consumption on Blood Pressure Variability in Healthy, Young Adults.
Academic Article High Salt Intake Augments Blood Pressure Responses During Submaximal Aerobic Exercise.
Academic Article Short-term water deprivation attenuates the exercise pressor reflex in older female adults.
Academic Article Impairments in Blood Pressure Regulation and Cardiac Baroreceptor Sensitivity Among Patients With Heart Failure Supported With Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices.
Academic Article Ten days of high dietary sodium does not impair cerebral blood flow regulation in healthy adults.
Academic Article Age-associated reductions in cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity are exaggerated in middle-aged and older men with low testosterone.
Academic Article Adjusting for muscle strength and body size attenuates sex differences in the exercise pressor reflex in young adults.

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